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The Field That Enables DTF Printing to Exhibit Its Talents: Shoulder Bag

DTF printing is a kind of heat transfer technology that is very popular among young people to make their own personalized products. It can be applied to all kinds of fabrics. The transferred patterns are colorful and rich in layers, and the printed patterns are durable and do not fade. It is widely used in the printing of corporate advertising shirts, banners, souvenirs, etc. DTF printing technology is simple and easy to master. It does not need to worry about plate making and wastewater pollution. This kind of printing can meet various requirements of customers. A commodity can also be printed and shipped quickly.

Today we are going to discuss the role and potential of DTF technology in the field of shoulder bag printing.

A shoulder bag is a very important part of daily accessories, especially for women. Different styles of bags can show different qualities of women. The shoulder bag is light, large, and durable. The shoulder bag with cute pictures is deeply loved by students, and the bag printed with fashionable pictures is the favorite of young women. It is a temptation that every young woman cannot refuse to have a shoulder bag, which is designed by herself, easy to use, and colorfast.

Cotton or canvas bags used during travel

Girls always have to take some small things with them when they go out, such as paper napkins, wallets, keys, mobile phones, umbrellas, etc. if they don’t have a large bag, how can they take them out? At this time, a fashionable and easy-to-use shoulder bag is the best choice.

How to match your casual shoulder bags when traveling? If you wear a blue and white vertical stripe shirt or light khaki skirt and then match it with a beige shoulder canvas bag with drawcord, it will look very refreshing. If you are a girl who likes simple style, you can wear a pure white T-shirt, and straight jeans, and carry a shoulder bag with a novel design, because the white T-shirt and jeans are also very versatile pieces. When choosing a casual canvas bag, you can generally match it with clothing freely, without worrying about making mistakes as long as you avoid some colors that are difficult to match. If you are a girl preferring sweet style, you can consider some cloth bags with prints, graffiti, or dots when choosing bags.

Students shoulder bag

Canvas bags are made of coarse linen. They are excellent in practicality. They are durable and have wonderful capacity. Some large canvas bags can even gulp notebooks. There is no need to worry about the quality. Students can use canvas to wrap textbooks for classes. As long as they use them properly, it is not a problem to have them for a few years. It can be said that they are super durable. Some canvas bags also have built-in pockets or compartments, such as mobile phone bags. The canvas bag is simple in style, thick, and durable in fabric. It can be designed to look good whether simple letters or various popular prints are added to its surface. Canvas bags are very popular with students.

For junior and senior high school girls, carrying backpacks is not light enough when going shopping. Most of the leather bags are slightly mature, so undoubtedly, the best choice is to have a literary style or artistic cloth bag.

The shoulder bag can be used not only as a school bag but also as one for them to go shopping. This kind of bag has its own fashion, which is full of youthful vitality. Pure cotton or canvas fabric, super thick and durable, and not easy to pilling. Whether parring the bag with a slim dress or a cotton shirt with literary style, or a loose sweater, it’s very suitable.

Except that a small number of people with strong personalities choose bags with exaggerated patterns and unique designs, most of them choose very simple bags, which can be carried to go into class or go shopping. This kind of cloth bag, giving people a natural and comfortable feeling, not only looks good but also is a good choice for birthday gifts and souvenirs.

Bags for lunch boxes

As long as you are willing to put your mind to it, you can create the handiest items with the least money. Although mass-produced products are durable, they cannot be completed in conformity with your needs.

Do you want to make a special item for yourself when you have time? For example, design a cute and practical cloth bag to hold lunch boxes. Use pure cotton materials to make a small cloth bag or buy a pure cotton cloth bag online, and then design your own patterns to make a small object that is safe to use and looks very comfortable.

Fashionable women’s handbag

Girls carry bags when they go out every day, not only providing a perfect foil for fashionable clothes, but also for the convenience of loading some small items. Some are cute, some are dignified, some are lively and some are full of literary and artistic style, which is the love of many girls.

Now many girls like to take a lot of things when they go out, such as mobile phones, wallets, etc., but how to put these things in the right bags? Of course, we need to have a big bag, so we can put them all in.

Many beautiful girls like to carry a bag and put their necessary things in it when they go shopping. Especially in summer, they usually take an umbrella to go out. A small bag is not enough. The shoulder bag with a simple or grand design is especially good for matching clothes. Want to be a literary youth? You should have a canvas bag as standard. Interesting logos and patterns are eye-catching elements.

Multifunctional environmental protection bags

With the strengthening of people’s awareness of environmental protection, canvas bags, and non-woven bags have become more and more popular in recent years. DTF printing technology can be used to print colorful and high-definition patterns on cotton and non-woven fabrics. The cost of such environmental protection bags is low, which can be distributed to pedestrians as gifts in supermarkets or other places with a large turnover of people.

People who accept environmental protection bags can use them to buy vegetables. This type of bag is durable, which is equivalent to helping businesses do advertisements for free. DTF printing can greatly improve the grade of environmental protection shopping bags.


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