What are the main application markets of UV DTF?

UV DTF has just begun to enter the public’s field of vision, and everyone probably wants to have a better understanding of the product. What is the meaning of the appearance of UV DTF? What can it bring to the public? What is its main application market? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

With these questions, we will answer your questions along the way.

1. What is the principle of UV DTF

UV DTF is to print the designed pattern on the release PET film, and then use the laminating machine to paste the positioning film. Printed after cutting, it can be directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing. This process is very similar to the stickers in the bubble gum popular in the 90s. Tear off the transparent film on the surface, and print the side with the design pattern on the desired equipment. Press the pattern back and forth tightly on the equipment that needs to be transferred with your hands. Remove the positioning film, and the pattern can be easily placed on the equipment that needs to be transferred. But it’s not the same as the stickers that I played with when I was young. The adhesion of UV DTF is much higher than that of stickers when I was a child. After all, the two uses are completely inconsistent.


2.UV DTF can save time

The original intention of UV DTF was to make work and life more convenient. Before this process appeared, many brand companies transported the products to the label processing factory before they needed packaging, where they were labeled, or the logo was engraved. Labels for paper or small products may be simpler and more convenient. But for hard materials such as metal, wood, and glass, handling and transportation is a very costly process. And especially glass products are very easy to damage. And to engrave or hollow out these hard materials, such a process is very time-consuming.

3.UV DTF operation is simpler

UV DTF only needs a UV flatbed printer and a laminating machine, with corresponding ink, film and other consumables. You can connect to the computer and print out the design pattern. There is no need to participate in the operation process too much, and the machine performance is powerful. Although it is A3 size, the accuracy of the machine, parts and functions are all complete. For example, the ink shortage alarm system, the white ink automatic mixing function, and the uninterrupted work function. All provide an effective guarantee for the stable and high-speed printing of the machine.


4.The scope of application of UV DTF

I believe that the videos and pictures that everyone has paid attention to and seen in the recent period are all UV DTF transfers on glass, leather, mobile phone cases, and metal materials. After pressing, tear off the film on the surface. And use your fingers to scrape, and the experiment proves that this technology has been successfully applied in the field of hard materials. At present, technology is developing, and it has not been able to transform to soft materials, such as clothes. So now it is most suitable for custom printed clothes. Those who need to customize printed clothes in small batches can continue to use DTF Printer.

UV DTF has just started, with its special craftsmanship attracting a large number of people who want to enter the industry. Of course, there are also people who are watching its development. We will continue to witness its progress!

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