The Main Reason Why the Nozzle of DTF Printer Does Not Discharge Ink

People who often operate the DTF printer know that during the operation of the machine, some problems such as broken printed lines, light color of pictures, blurred patterns, etc. may occur from time to time. If these problems arise, that means the ink of the nozzle is generally interrupted. At this time, stop the DTF printer and check one by one according to the following items.

  1. There is no ink or the nozzle is blocked

No ink: the machine is not with an ink shortage alarm device. When the ink runs out, the machine still runs automatically.

Nozzle clogging: 1. There are many particles and impurities in the ink, and its quality is poor, which is easy to cause nozzle clogging. 2. If the ink is too thin, and the ink jet speed is very fast, the ink will be reflected back to the nozzle after being sprayed on the fabric, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle and block it. 3. The sharp change in the temperature or humidity of the external environment will have an adverse effect on the nozzle and ink, causing the blockage of the nozzle. 4. If the user lets the printer lie idle for a long time, the white ink will precipitate when it is not working, and it is easy to block the nozzle. 5. If the voltage of the nozzle is too low, the printing effect will be poor, and if the voltage is too high, the nozzle will fail. You need to add a voltage stabilizer to the machine. 6. There is ink deposition on the ink absorbing pad 7. When cleaning the nozzle, the operator scratches the nozzle.

  1. Forget to open the vent of the external ink bottle 

If there is a blocked vent on the secondary ink cartridge and air cannot enter, the internal pressure is too high, resulting in ink failure. At this time, it is necessary to reopen the vent to allow smooth air intake.

  1. The ink supply pipe is blocked

There are three main reasons for the clogging of the ink supply pipe: 1. There are big particles of impurities in the ink supply pipe, blocking the ink pipe. 2. There are bubbles in the ink supply pipe 3. The ink supply pipe is pressed. For example, when you close the maintenance door of the printer, the door clamps the ink supply pipe.

If the machine is not used for a long time, and the white ink system does not work, the ink supply pipe is easily blocked by impurities in the white ink. At this time, turn off the switch of the printing trolley. Under the premise of interruption of power supply, pick up the syringe and press the air into the ink tube to dredge the impurities inside.

To turn on the power supply when the machine is not in use and let the white ink circulation system run by itself. In this way, it is not easy to cause the precipitation of big particles in the white ink, and then block the ink supply pipe and the nozzle.

  1. The position of the external ink bottle is too low

In case the position of the external ink bottle is lower than the pressure line, the ink cannot flow smoothly, which will cause ink interruption. Lift the external bottle for continuous ink supply and place it at the same height as the ink cartridge.

  1. The piezoelectric crystal is damaged

When the voltage is unstable, the piezoelectric crystal inside the nozzle will be breakdown due to the voltage problem and ink penetration. At this time,  you need a new print head.

Also, if the air is in the nozzle, and at the same time you have done print head cleaning several times, however, the places where there are disconnections are different each time, please check the nozzle status after leaving the printer for a period of time (usually more than 0.5-2 hours). Sometimes, when the temperature rises, the tiny bubbles in the ink or the ink-jet duct will also hinder the ink flow. At this time, it is effective to leave the printer for a little time.

A blocked nozzle of a DTF printer always results in horizontal stripes on the surface of the printed manuscript, and it can not print some colors at all, especially when printing images. In the process of communicating with customers who operate printers, many of them will encounter similar situations. The blocked nozzle is the main reason to cause trouble.

To solve these problems to the maximum extent, it is not only necessary to master the operation process and to know the working environment of the machine. More importantly, customers should pay attention to the quality of machines and consumables. Don’t just focus on low prices. If you buy unqualified products, the later maintenance cost is very high.

How does the intelligent Star III DTF printer solve the problem of a blocked nozzle?

The above problems have been basically avoided by technical means on the new generation DTF printer. The latest type of white ink printer has an ink damper heating function to ensure the normal operation of the printer in a cold environment.

Intelligent identification of ink blockage and early warning system: CCD camera can synchronously monitor the printing condition of the nozzle. If there is a blockage, a prompt message will appear on the computer and it suggests to stop printing.

The nozzle compensated function greatly reduces the waste rate. The machine automatically identifies the missing printing places of the nozzle and patches the incomplete segments.

Imported filter: the imported filter can effectively intercept particles, gels, and other impurities in the ink. It has an excellent impurity filtering function to ensure a smooth ink supply.



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