The New DTF PET Film Printing Can Print Fluorescent Colors

Since DTF PET film printing entered the market, it has been well received. And the function of the product is constantly improving, and the generation is stronger than the generation. The current machine functions have surpassed the original generation of machines in all aspects. In the past, printing products may be limited to the richness of colors, now not only can colors be printed, but also fluorescent colors are added!

Below is our protagonist today, the new DTF PET film printing, which can print fluorescent colors. The original DTF PET film printing is generally equipped with two 4720 or i3200 nozzles, and now it can print fluorescent colors with an additional nozzle. There are 3 nozzles in total.

DTF PET film printing can print fluorescent colors, and it is naturally inseparable from fluorescent inks. Digital heat transfer fluorescent paint ink, through the combination of fluorescent color and white ink, through the heat transfer film printing and dusting supporting process, realize the application of fluorescent color paint ink digital printing program, four-color fluorescent heat transfer paint ink, transfer in heat transfer Achieve high color density on the printed film.

DTF PET film printing, ink can print velvet texture black. In the 8-color mode, the addition of fluorescent red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, and fluorescent orange inks can build a wider color gamut. Shows delicate and strong tones. The combination between inks produces a series of vivid fluorescence and soft tones. Return to the original design and show the beauty of the design.

The advanced 8-channel print head has efficient ink coverage, which can reduce operating costs. Each channel contains multiple nozzles, which can produce seven different sizes of ink droplets. With the use of our brand ink (compared with conventional ink, it saves 15% per liter) to ensure natural color transition and grayscale.

1. Features of digital heat transfer fluorescent paint ink

Digital heat transfer fluorescent paint ink, through the combination of fluorescent color and white ink, through the supporting process of heat transfer film printing and dusting, realize the application of fluorescent color paint ink digital printing scheme;

Four-color fluorescent heat transfer paint ink, which achieves high color density and bright colors on the heat transfer film;

Supporting digital heat transfer technology. The equipment mainly includes the digital printer, dusting machine, and pressing machine. The overall scheme has low cost, low investment threshold, flexible control of inventory, simple process, no hollowing, no waste discharge.

2. Comparison of fluorescent ink printing effect

We can look at the effect of the sample printed by DTF PET film printing. The white ink has good hiding power and the fluorescent color is bright. The difference between the daily lighting effect and the effect under fluorescent light. Maybe you will have a better understanding of our products. On the left is the daily lighting effect of our products, and on the right is the effect under fluorescent lights.

3. Colorfastness of fluorescent ink

Now the demand for DTF PET film printing is increasing. Fluorescent colors are now in demand from more and more manufacturers. But I am afraid of buying low-quality ink. If the printing effect is not good, large orders will be lost. In this way, the loss was heavy. Therefore, we have done wet and dry tests on our inks.

Test like the following picture: the leftmost is the test sample, the middle is the color fastness of dry erase. It is proved by inspection that the dry wipe can reach level 4.5. The one on the far right is the wet wipe test, and the results of the experiment are obvious. The wet wipe can reach level

4. Complete ink supply system

DTF PET film printing ink supply system is complete. You can ensure that the print job is completed smoothly. In the four-color mode, the system can ensure a stable ink supply for each color. When the ink runs out, it will automatically alarm. You will be reminded to add the right amount of ink. The premise is the same brand of ink. If the ink is replaced midway, the printing effect may be greatly affected. This ink alarm replacement system can ensure clean and continuous production, and you can complete other tasks while manufacturing.

5. Automatic rewinding and unwinding system

DTF PET film printing has a built-in feed adjustment function, which takes the advantage of the brand machine’s winding system and ensures stable and uninterrupted production in high-speed mode. The automatic rewinding and unwinding system includes front-end automatic rewinding and a rewinding unit with a stretching force control function to complete the feeding and tracking of smooth materials. Its main parts include reel support that can support the corresponding weight, an adjustment roller to complete the winding, automatic material release, and automatic material unwinding, and a rotating rod to reduce resistance and ensure error-free and accurate feeding.

These functions constitute high-quality DTF PET film printing, if coupled with high-quality PET film, it can meet the high-quality color and printing requirements of DTF PET film printing. Sublistar PET film is specially used for DTF PET film printing and then uses our black or white hot melt powder. The combination can save costs, reduce the amount of ink, and produce high-resolution images, bright colors, and ultra-clear text.

Whether it is a large-scale or small-scale DTF printing machine, we have the popular DTF PET film printing on the market. If you have any needs, please contact us. Or if you have other functions you want to add or improve, please leave a message to us.

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