Advantages of A3 DTG printing

A3 DTG printing

Compared with other printing solutions, the A3 DTG printer has many advantages, including a low setup cost: setting up a DTG printer requires uploading the design before it can be used. This is different from the other, more time-consuming methods, which require making templates and other tools before starting printing.

Easy to use: Other printing methods include creating templates, cutting shapes on vinyl, or drawing designs on special paper. These tasks usually require skills that many people do not have. However, using the A3 DTG printer, you just need to upload the design, insert the T-shirt, and then you can start using it.

No minimum order: lower setup costs make the minimum order unnecessary. If you like, you can even ask to use it to print color photos on T-shirts and other fabrics.

High-quality printing: DTG printing technology can print complex multi-color designs with impressive accuracy. Its accuracy and details are so high that you can even use it to print color photos onto T-shirts and other fabrics.

More environmentally friendly: Compared with dye sublimation and screen printing, the A3 DTG printing process is more environmentally friendly. The new technologies developed for DTG are also increasingly environmentally friendly.

Improved technology: Unlike most other printing methods, some of them have a history of thousands of years. A3 DTG printing technology is a new technology. Therefore, with the further development of technology, we can expect to see an improvement in results. In addition to better printing quality, further, development may also reduce costs.


Disadvantages of A3 DTG printing

A3 DTG printer

No method is perfect. A3 DTG printing does have some disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of an A3 DTG printing machine:

Pretreatment of dark fabric: dark clothing needs to be pretreated before printing. Pretreatment works in a way similar to applying primer on drywall to prevent ink from immediately sinking into the fabric to prevent mixing. However, the pretreatment process sometimes leaves washable stains on the fabric.

The color on the dark fabric is not too bright: when printing on dark fabric, the color is usually not as bright as on the light fabric. In some cases, this may lead to a reconsideration of the design or the use of light-colored fabrics. It is also difficult to match the exact Pantone color, resulting in mixed results.

Need high cotton content: You usually need to use fabrics with high cotton content to obtain good results. Generally, 80% or more cotton content is recommended. Fortunately, this is usually not a problem for T-shirt printing, because most T-shirts have high cotton content.

Not the best choice for large orders: although digital direct injection is very suitable for small orders, it is not the best choice for large orders. On the one hand, using the A3 DTG printer for mass printing is very time-consuming and may require a lot of manpower. On the other hand, the cost makes digital direct injection not cost-effective for large orders.

Cost: Compared with other methods, the A3 DTG printer is not cheap. The entry cost is high enough to deter many enterprises.


Benefits of A3 DTG print on demand

This model provides many benefits for emerging cross-border e-commerce sellers, including:

No need to invest in inventory in advance: no need to invest in inventory in advance. There is no need to invest in inventory in advance so that more people can own a cross-border e-commerce store.

Limited financial risk: no one can guarantee that the inventory can be sold at a profit if any. However, the on-demand printing model eliminates the financial risks associated with inventory.

Can make small batch orders: digital direct injection technology allows companies to make small batch orders, further reducing financial risks, and making it particularly attractive to small companies.

Can be tested: through digital direct injection, the shopkeeper can test the design. The experiment will help them find a successful formula and reduce the risk of their investment losses.

No need to invest in printing equipment: the use and maintenance costs of printing equipment may be high. However, using on-demand printing means you don’t need to buy this device.

Handling delivery for you: sending orders to your customers can be time-consuming and error-prone. The partners who print on demand will handle it for you and let you focus on other tasks.

Start issuing:

Digital direct injection is one of the most popular printing methods at present, and there are some good reasons. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that it provides opportunities for cross-border e-commerce sellers who want to get involved in booming development.

Sublistar A3 DTG printers can make full use of technology to provide a single, high-quality print at an affordable price. Because this model is easy to use, cross-border e-commerce sellers can participate in it even if they have limited design experience.


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