UV DTF printer

The Prospect of UV DTF Printer

In the new consumption era, appearance is more concern by consumers than product quality. UV DTF printer can help you reach this goal. Good packaging design can not only reflect the temperament of products but also become a brand logo and improve brand recognition. In addition to good design, choosing high-quality printing technology can make product packaging get twice the result with half the effort.

The new generation of UV DTF printer has a white ink mixing system, which makes the ink in the ink cartridge circulate, prevents the nozzle from blocking, and extends the service life of the nozzle; Spray glue directly, print directly in the effective range, greatly reduce the cost, and use high-quality glue with strong adhesion, scratch resistance and wear resistance; Color self-determination, restore the original color, can replace the printing effect; It is applicable to all kinds of smooth and special-shaped flat surfaces and curved surfaces, and is more widely used; The paper pressing piece can effectively prevent the material from warping and protect the nozzle.

Wide Range of UV DTF Printing Applications


UV DTF on glass

The ability to print on glass is a strength of UV flatbed machines. The following benefits of UV flatbed printers over conventional screen printing:

1. Unlike traditional screen printing, UV DTF flat printing does not require the creation of plates, has unrestricted output software, supports a wide range of file formats, and is quick and inexpensive to print;

2. The UV DTF machine employs a wide variety of medium and is compatible with a wide range, in contrast to conventional screen printing.

3. That is, printing is its most notable characteristic, making it possible to quickly satisfy a customer’s sample request without compromising the quality of the final product, which is also important, and to quickly learn production boutique and professional abilities.

The biggest difference between UV flat-panel printing and traditional screen printing is how the ink is used. Traditional screen printing uses hot sublimation ink, which results in color and positioning deviations, finished images that are simple to remove but also require the application of a layer of protective film, a complicated program, and this flaw.


Special items and decarations are professionally and individually marketed. For instance: ceramic ornaments, furniture, wooden crafts, metal pulls, etc. The primary characteristics of this market include high costs associated with manual processing, poor production efficiency, and numerous short-term contracts. Therefore, replacing it with digital UV DTF printing technique is best and most appropriate. In this personalized market, at least 30% of flatbed printers are employed.

UV DTF on glass

Signage Industry

UV dtf on signage

UV DTF printing is used for producing durable plates for the transportation, electric power, and other industries. Additionally, using a UV DTF flatbed inkjet printer and UV ink, it is possible to print directly onto materials such as metal, reflective film, wood, plastic, etc. In contrast to the conventional method, water-activated stamping with adhesive and subsequent paste-up on the material is used for screen printing or inkjet printing, which not only streamlines the procedure and lowers costs but also boosts the adhesive level.

Flexibility of UV DTF Printer

uv dtf on wood

UV printing is adopted, with a simple process, no plate making, no waste discharge, good gloss, friction resistance (3-5h), high and low-temperature resistance, (low temperature can exceed below zero, high temperature 100 degrees does not change color and crack), UV light resistance, and 3D effect. Combined with materials, it can make a batch and personalized cold transfer stickers, which can be applied to all kinds of shoes and hats, clothing accessories, bags, glass artworks, tea packaging box labels, handicrafts, wood, plastic Decorative transfer decals for sports equipment, helmets, and other products.

The flexibility of UV DTF printers to batch production, because with the gradual increase of customized business, the demand for traditional mass printing will gradually decrease, and more and more manufacturers begin to pursue small batch orders. Therefore, an excellent crystal label printer must meet these two requirements at the same time: mass production does not delay, and small-batch personalized production also meets.

The UV DTF sticker market has been booming since 2021, and its popularity has increased. A more three-dimensional and advanced appearance has gradually replaced some advertising label stickers, which have been recognized by most consumers. I believe that with the improvement of printing technology, the threshold for customization of UV DTF stickers is getting lower and lower, the market popularity of UV DTF stickers will be higher, and the market prospect will be unlimited!

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