Why Choose DTF UV Printer?

What is DTF UV Printer? How does DTF UV Printer work? Is the operation simple? Is the quality of the finished product printed? Last week, we just launched our latest new product dtf uv printer. After seeing it, many customers expressed interest and came to consult and place orders.

On the homepage of our product, DTF UV Printer has been described in detail. Today, we will focus on explaining why we should choose this product.

1.  Save time and effort

Before this technology is mature, printing logos or patterns on many hard materials is a very time-consuming and laborious work. The finished product needs to be transported to the printing plant. Hard materials are generally heavy or bulky items. Such as metal, glass, wood and other materials. Especially for glass products, more attention must be paid to the transportation, otherwise it is easy to break.

The emergence of DTF UV Printer can be said to greatly improve this waste of time and manpower. Such as metal processing factories, glass products factories, large home production factories and other manufacturers. These factories can customize their own logos and patterns directly from the custom printing factory in the later stage. The printing factory uses the DTF UV Printer to print the finished product, and inform the customized factory to pick up the goods or send it by express delivery. After receiving the finished product, you can directly paste the film on the product you need. Convenient.

DTF-6090UV Printer

2. Cost savings

Before the advent of this technology, the transportation and handling of products back and forth. Both are an inevitable high cost. Use DTF UV Printer to make full use of the advantages of emerging technologies and reduce costs. Reducing the total production cost is conducive to increasing the overall income of the enterprise and providing sufficient funds for the long-term stable development of the enterprise.

3. Continuous update and advancement of technology

DTF UV Printer has: a stable board control system with a stable and high-precision mechanical system. So the machine can meet any of your mass production needs. White ink automatic mixing function, automatic reporting function for ink shortage, the operator can add ink at any time, no need to stop in the middle, easier to use. The ink output of the white ink nozzle can be set freely, and the ink output channel can be switched freely to ensure a more three-dimensional picture effect and finer printing.

The trolley is highly automatic lifting, and the thickness of the printable medium exceeds 24cm; it supports simultaneous printing of varnish + white + color with 3 nozzles at the same time, the printing speed is faster, the use is easier, and the machine is more cost-effective. The integrated software has the function of rip at any time and pause at any time, meeting the needs of multiple printing of multiple documents, and mass production is more worry-free. The tablet software supports multiple printings of the same screen to meet a variety of special industrial applications.


It can be seen that the advantages of DTF UV Printer have gradually been recognized by the public, and the next era of this machine will be emerging. Sublistar has always been at the forefront of the times, constantly maintaining progressive thinking and broad vision. We have always provided the best quality products and a good user experience for everyone!

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