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What are the supplies for DTF Printer?

I have recently introduced a small knowledge of DTF Printer, I don’t know if you have a more close to DTF PRINTER. And if you buy DTF Printer, do you know how to avoid selecting an unsuitable product. It is important to support consumables. Good quality DTF Printer can ensure the long-term operation of machines, then the quality of the finished product you want to output will pass, must configure the appropriate consumables. The so-called good horse is equipped with the saddle.

DTF Printer’s supporting supplies have DTF hot melt powder, DTF textile ink, DTF PET film, or DTF Transfer Paper. As long as there is a quality in these three consumables, it will result in the output of the finished product.

Today, the author finds the quality of the quality that is not related to the quality of the quality when collecting material. For example, a hot melting powder that is not high is printed, after printing on the T-shirt, the design pattern uses hand to pull tensile and firmness test. As a result, it was found that the pattern on the T-shirt was easily torn. Such a T-shirt is completely unable to sell.

DTF hot melt powder

The above is a hot melt powder that has not been previously mature. The hot melt powder of our Sublistar brand has the following distinction: According to the color, one is black hot melt powder, one is a white-hot melt powder. According to the rough segment of hot melting powder, there is a thick hot melt powder and a fine hot melt powder. The main reason for distinguishing black white hot melt powder is different in different T-shirts. White-hot melt powder is the most common hot melt powder on the market. The black hot melting powder is prevention in some special cases, when black or dark T-shirts are transferred, using white powder will be found. This type of printing effect will be greatly reduced.

The distinction between a coarse powder and fine powder is mainly printed on different materials. The coarse powder is mainly used for flocking transfer, and the fine powder is mainly used for film glorification transfer. Because hot melt powder is high, it is good. It has now become an indispensable member of the DTF PRINTER family.

The advantage of the hot melt powder of Sublistar is to achieve a suitable adhesive condition, which can withstand high-temperature washing or dry cleaning at 60 ° C. And after printing, the touch is soft, and the elasticity is excellent, and the tensile test can be accepted. And the chemical stability is good, and it can be stored under normal temperature conditions. And it is harmless to the human body, it is a very friendly and environmentally friendly consumable.

DTF Textile InkThe above is a simple introduction to the hot melt powder of the DTF Printer, and we focus on DTF textile ink. There are too many manufacturers and businesses in the market. It is easy to buy. However, each of the ink quality and the applicable machine does not necessarily match. Matching will result in the design printing effect of the output. Textile ink can clearly perform the color of the print pattern, is simple and easy to operate, and does not need to be pretreated.

DTF textile ink is aqueous ink, which can be applied to a coating or no coating substrate, with good weather resistance. Colorful, real restore design, bringing a full range of visual feelings. Ink is an environmentally friendly ink, no odor, and the particle diameter is less than 0.3 μm. Effective protective nozzles and prevent sprinkler blockage. The print color gamut is wide, the color performance is excellent, the image is clear, full, and bright. And the ink is stable, high through fluidity, no blockage, no ink, and excellent waterproof.

This DTF ink does not need to be pretreated, and it can be directly mapped into the ink cartridge of the corresponding color in accordance with the guidance of the technology. After printing, the water wash test can be performed, we have done water wash and machine wash test, and the experiment shows that the washing does not fade. After drying, wear it on your body, breathable comfort.

DTF transfer film

Finally, we will introduce DTF PET Film, which is a plastic film with high temperature and non-deformed (no deformation below 100 ° C). In DTF Printer, it is used as a carrier for design printing patterns. After the printing of the DTF Printer, after the dust dies, it cuts it, and the hot press is hot in the clothing.

DTF PET Film has excellent performance, strong toughness, tensile strength, and impact strength are also high; stable size can be used for printing such as clothing.

DTF PET Film is heat resistant, cold-resistant, and oil resistant. However, there is no resistance to a strong base, which is easy to carry static electricity. The current Sublistar’s DTF Printer has been updated several times, and the static electricity has greatly improved.

Another similar product that can be used as DTF PET Film is DTF Transfer Paper. I have written several articles on our website. This article is a simple introduction.

DTF Transfer Paper is still in the stage of technology development, which is born with increasingly stringent environmental requirements for countries. DTF Transfer Paper is not lost in DTF PET Film in various performances, especially in various environmental comparative experiments, and the performance advantages of DTF Transfer Paper are more obvious. I believe that in a day, DTF Transfer Paper will have a place in the market.

In summary, the consumables of the DTF Printer have been introduced, and you can contact us if you have any questions about DTF Printer.

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