DTF Transfer Paper

Do you know what DTF Transfer Paper is?

Sublistar recently launched DTF Transfer Paper, but what is DTF Transfer Paper? What is its function? Is it inextricably linked to DTF Printer? What is the connection and difference between it and pet film? What was the original intention of producing DTF Paper?

The current global environment is harsh, and people are not only facing the problem of environmental pollution, but the constant mutation of the new crown in the past two years also threatens the safety of human life. The requirements for environmental protection are becoming stricter. The EU formulated a plastic strategy as early as January 16, 2018. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the plastic restriction order that was originally implemented on January 1, 2021 was postponed to July 3, 2021, and it was reiterated that disposable plastic products and oxidatively degradable materials are prohibited.

We at Sublistar are specialized in the production and sales of DTF Printer, and our pet film is a supporting consumable. Since pet film and its coating compound are not eutectic, they cannot be recycled harmlessly. This consumable is an indispensable material for DTF Printer, so it is necessary to find environmentally friendly alternative materials. This is the biggest role of DTF Paper, replacing pet film.


DTF Transfer Paper


Our DTF Transfer Paper is environmentally friendly and recyclable to manufacture recycled paper, heat transfer printing without VOCS volatilization, and no waste water. As shown in the figure: you can clearly see the structure of our DTF Transfer Paper and its environmental protection. DTF Paper roll is composed of paper and water-based coating, which is recyclable and recycled paper. Five-layer structure: ink absorption layer, release layer, sealing layer, paper base layer and back coating. The top coating and back coating are biodegradable plant materials. Environmental protection is visible!

Then there must be some doubts, can the transfer rate of your DTF Paper be guaranteed? Because water-based ink will cause swelling and deformation of paper fibers, making it difficult to register and lose printing details, the transfer paper of water-based gravure printing changes the performance of the fiber surface, greatly reducing the wet deformation of water-based ink and increasing the transfer rate.

And we made a comparison between DTF pet film and DTF Transfer Paper. In the basic indicators (thickness, grammage, whiteness, ink load, inkjet surface deformation, waste recycling); test selection: test selection of test images with sharp corners, small characters, transition colors, thin lines and color blocks; Heat transfer film/heat transfer paper adhesion test of hot melt powder; heat transfer film/heat transfer paper water absorption capacity and ink absorption capacity test; heat transfer film/heat transfer paper transfer color density test; heat transfer film/heat transfer paper Peel force test; printing and electronic cutting test.

The comparative test concluded that the ink carrying capacity and transfer color of DTF Transfer Paper will be a bit more beautiful than pet film. The adhesion of hot melt powder is also better with DTF Transfer Paper. DTF Transfer Paper can be adapted to A3/A4 and other size sheet printing and electronic cutting. Pet film is not suitable. The peeling force of DTF Paper is a bit larger than that of pet film.

There are many merchants doing DTF Paper in the market, but not many with guaranteed quality. The majority of buyers need multiple comparisons to understand how to choose DTF Transfer Paper correctly.

The advantages of using 100% recyclable transfer paper are: 1. Avoid environmental law enforcement from fines for illegal treatment of solid waste (in severe cases, stop production for rectification); 2. Reduce solid waste treatment costs (the future solid waste treatment must be handed over to the Qualified company processing); 3. The transferred waste paper and leftover materials can be sold collectively, which brings benefits to the enterprise. (Waste paper recycling prices and pulp prices rise and fall simultaneously)

This article mainly introduces what is DTF Transfer Paper. Next time, we will make a column in the comparison test part to bring you a deeper understanding.

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