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Tips on Solving DTF Printing Machine Heating Problems

What Causes DTF Printing Machine Heating Problems?

Generally, the DTF printing machine will not heat films normally after being used for a long time. The main reason for this situation is that the using time is too long and without regular maintenance. The non-heating of the hot spraying machine is generally a circuit fault, and the second is an electrical fault. The first is caused by disconnection of the circuit, which is mainly due to negligence of suppliers.

The other is electrical failure, such as temperature control failure, unable to control, or relay failure, unable to power on. There will be more cases of the latter. Now many manufacturers directly connect the relay and temperature control in order to save cost. Such relays are easy to burn out because they usually shorten the life of electromagnetic relays. Once it happens, the loss will be great. Because the power of the machine is quite large, the best way to relay and temperature control are set respectively. Moreover, it will good for temperature control. If the temperature control device fails directly, it will cost money to replace it.

These are the reasons why DTF printing machine cannot be heated, so we must pay attention to maintenance in the process of use. When the pressure management is insufficient or too high, you can adjust the pressure or the screw (located at the bottom of the aluminum plate). The clockwise direction is to increase the working pressure, and the counterclockwise direction is to reduce the pressure of the enterprise. When the transmission time arrives, the buzzer stops silently or silently. The microswitch needs to check whether the contact is medium. If it is not available, adjust it to the appropriate position and heat it for 15 minutes. When the temperature can reach different temperatures set by yourself, the heating system turns off and machine can start to work.
Most manufacturers use DTF heat transfer machine. Industries such as clothing need to use this equipment, but each equipment needs regular maintenance. If a manufacturer does not regularly maintain the DTF printing machine, it is likely to have problems with multiple equipment at a certain time, resulting in reducing production efficiency.

DTF Printing machine

There are some tips for DTF printing machine maintenance.

1. Cleaning

In order to keep the stamping area clean and dust-free, electronic parts need to be cleaned every six months

2. Heating plate

In order to prevent ink and residues from sticking to the heating plate, a cloth needs to be put before heating
3. Silicone pad

When the silicone pad begins to break, please replace it in time. Wipe the silicone pad regularly with a wet cloth. The silicone sheet can be made into different shapes and sizes.

4. Lubricant

The basic screw shaft adjustment of perennial burner needs to be lubricated with high-temperature lubricant

5. Patch panel

Please use the matching line board of the ironing machine. Although other plug-in boards are also available, the corresponding voltage is different, so you can’t use the plug-in board indiscriminately.

Tips on Choosing DTF Printer

If you want to buy DTF printing machine, you must consider the stability and cost performance of the machine. Whether the machine is stable depends on the force on the machine. Generally, the nodes of the machine under pressure are mainly the head bearing. When the machine is pressed down, the bearing on the head is equipped with a base, the force is scattered, and the head is not easy to rise. The sliding rail shaft bears the force and reduces the downward pressure load of the machine. The bearing force is dispersed.

However, after using machine for a long time, it is inevitable to encounter machine faults. The common thing is that the equipment temperature has been soaring, so that the temperature sensing line probe is burned out. How to check this problem?
First of all, we should understand that the related accessories affecting the temperature of DTF printer include temperature sensing line, heating line and temperature control. The output of solid-state relay is controlled by temperature control meter. The reading accuracy of the temperature control meter depends on the temperature probe of the temperature sensing line. If the temperature of the temperature control meter jumps, we can know whether it is related to the temperature sensing line or the temperature control meter. Next, let’s talk about the inspection steps.

1. The heating plate keeps heating up. We can open the internal circuit of the DTF printing machine and observe whether the indicator light of the solid-state relay inside the machine is on. If the solid-state relay is not on, it indicates that the solid-state relay has been burned out, resulting in the temperature control meter unable to control the temperature of the heating plate normally.

2. The solid-state relay has two parts, the upper part is alternating current and the lower part is direct current. The solid-state relay lamp is always on, but the temperature of the heating plate can not be controlled. At this time, an experienced electrician is needed to check. If the upper part of the solid-state AC is burnt out and the lower part of the DC is normal, it is necessary to check the solid-state power on with a universal meter.

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