Find The TOP DTF PET Film Printer Ideas in 2021

When a new product appears, sometimes the lasting impact of this product is not thought of. The emergence of new technology of DTF PET Film Printer. Unexpectedly, DTF will push the T-shirt decoration industry to a new level. With the continuous advancement of technology, DTF  Printers can now be used to print transfer films with special brand inks and powders and can be used to print blends on dark and light clothing (such as cotton, polyester, 50/50), Spandex, leather, etc. It can be called a universal printer.

In the past year, the popularity of DTF  Printers in the market has only increased. Especially as long as the new DTF PET Film Printer appears, it will appear with new functions. Recently, the Sublistar brand has launched many new styles, which is dizzying. Inquiries from customers have gradually increased. We will introduce our latest new products in detail today, each DTF PET FILM Printer.

1.300mm wide DTF PET Film Printer

The 300mm wide DTF PET Film Printer is one of the most popular and affordable printers. First of all, because of its wide width, the overall footprint of the machine is small. Secondly, the maximum printing area is 11.5 inches x 16.5 inches paper size A3. Using our brand inks and low maintenance costs, your DTF printer will provide excellent high-quality printing.

We have been focusing on machines, and there are several DTF PET Film Printers with a width of 300mm. It’s up to you to choose. The main difference of its DTF PET Film Printer is the print head. I believe that if you know the machine, you will have a rough understanding of all kinds of sprinklers. If you want to know more about sprinklers. We have an article about sprinklers before, you can take a look first.

The DTF-MINI 300 DTF PET Film Printer is equipped with EPSON L1800. Among them, this nozzle is R1390. This machine is intelligent, fast, stable, and can help you obtain long-term stability and considerable income. In addition to the nozzles, this machine adds a synchronous drive motor. Ensure that the machine runs smoothly and prints accurately. Realize fully automatic operation and simple positioning, which can realize long-term printing.

The DTF-MINI 300 DTF PET Film Printer upgrades the white ink mixing. The mixing speed can be adjusted. The supporting software is AcroRIP White ver9.0 plus special software for coils. A3 or A3 coils are available. The printing accuracy is 1440*1440dpi. Ink CMYK+WW. This machine is very suitable for long-term use. This model features ink-saving, power-saving, stability, no plugging, and no slowness. If you choose, you will not regret it!

Another size DTF-MINI 420 is a small printer with a width of 420mm. The configuration is EPSON4720 print head. This operation is also simple and convenient, saving labor. One person can complete independent operations. One-stop solution to the problem, no need to discharge waste, hollow out, no white edges, can fully protect the environment, but also protect your own employees.

The last DTF-MINI300xp is equipped with XP nozzles. It is the most consulted machine recently. This configuration single or double XP nozzles. The format printed by a single nozzle is 300mm, and the format printed by two nozzles is 600mm. With its affordable price and superior performance, it has attracted a large number of customers.

If you choose to start a business or a small business, it will be very suitable to buy 1-2 DTF PET Film Printer professional machines. Equipped with corresponding ink, long-term effective operation. It is also a way to obtain long-term profits.

2. 600mm wide DTF PET Film Printer

Next is our 600mm wide DTF PET Film Printer. First of all, we must launch the DTF-6002Pro. why? People who have used DTF Printing may be troubled by the smoke during the operation of the machine. Smoke affects the air environment on the one hand and has a slight impact on the normal operation of the machine.

On the other hand, the waste smoke generated by the machine is definitely harmful to human health. DTF-6002Pro launched an integrated smoke-free function and was vying to be consulted and ordered by large enterprises.

The most important feature of the DTF-600Pro series is the optional print head. Whether it is DTF-6002Pro or another DTF-6004Pro. I3200 nozzle or 4720 nozzle is optional. This machine includes rip software and ICC profile.PLC, powder recycle. It is different from a lot of what we see in small groups. Whether it is a mini300 or a larger machine, we can avoid a lot of manual operation troubles.

However, many small DTF PET Film Printers still have to shake the powder manually. This is likely to cause the hot melt powder to be insufficiently uniform and affect the hot pressing effect.

3. 1200mm wide DTF PET Film Printer

The DTF-1200Pro series is the same as the 600Pro series. The print head is optional, but the print width has been changed from 600mm to 1200mm.

While the nozzle is optional, the nozzle installation is very convenient. No need to adjust the physical position of the printhead. No weeding, no glue paper, no pre-coating, no long-time heat pressing.

DTF-600Pro series and DTF-1200Pro series are products suitable for enterprises or companies of a certain size. The product’s updated functions and advanced technology are in line with the requirements of companies with sufficient budgets. Choosing this series will definitely bring you more orders.

The above is our current mainstream DTF Printers styles. This article mainly introduces the product, the next article mainly talks about the problems that DTF PET Film Printer will encounter during daily use, and how to solve these problems.

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