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This comprehensive buying guide for DTF printers will assist you in selecting the best DTF printers for you or your company from the market. The market for direct to film printing is now quite lucrative and has tremendous growth potential. To reach potential consumers who are interested in having unique graphics printed on any cloth, you can make use of the many social media channels. A DTF printer can be used to print designs on products like t-shirts, caps, bags, etc. if you are a designer that creates custom designer clothing and accessories.

A brand-new heat transfer printing method is the DTF printer. The picture is transferred to the printing film and then pressed to the clothing during the heat transfer process. The following are its seven benefits: Applicable to a variety of materials.


The advantages of Sublistar DTF printers

  1. No pre-processing is necessary.
  2. Preserve white ink.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. increased production speed.
  5. increases the inventory’s diversification.
  6. Both washable and waterproof.


Why do you choose Sublistar film printing machines?

Sublistar, a renowned Chinese manufacturer of cutting-edge printer products, has years of experience in research and development as well as in the manufacture of inkjet printers. Inkjet printers, flatbed printers, and digital printers are the core specialties of Sublistar. a very strong reputation due to consistent product performance, good printing results, distinctive appearance, and sincere customer service. The company sells a variety of printers, including UV, DTG, DTF, and UV printers. The 3000 square meter facility has a full variety of services for clients or agents from around the world and has been awarded multiple patents. More than 25 engineers work to guarantee the caliber of the production and post-sale services. Sublistar is committed to providing top-notch technical support, after-sales service, and affordable pricing to develop lasting business relationships with clients for nearly 15 years.

Sublistar displayed its most recent flagship models at the renowned NBM Show, which is now known as Graphics Pro Expo (GPX): the brand-new DTF-A4 printer and DTF A3+ transfer printer. The advanced ink stirring technology is the DTF-A4 printer from Sublistar’s standout innovation. Preprocessing is not required, thus streamlining the printing procedure. Simply add ink after receiving the machine, then use Sublistar’s Pro RIP software to finish the ink guiding procedure. It is a really easy process.


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The A3+ DTF printer from Sublistar upends the established order by removing the need for pre-processing DTG technology, streamlining and speeding up the printing procedure. Not only have many print-on-demand businesses complimented the printer for its usefulness, but also for its quickness. The printer’s glossy, slick appearance was a favorite aspect of the majority of participants. The adaptability and value of the A3+ all-in-one DTF printer for print-on-demand SMBs were praised by several tech enthusiasts and experts at GPX Expo. The A3+ DTF has a cutting-edge scratch-resistant feature that prevents printhead scuffs by reducing contact with the film. The placement of the ink cartridges inside the device is another ground-breaking improvement for the A3 + DTF printer. The printer’s performance is enhanced in this manner, and the A3+ DTF has a cutting-edge scratch-resistant technology that minimizes contact with the film to prevent printhead scratches. The A3 + DTF printer’s relocation of the ink cartridges inside the device is another ground-breaking improvement. Ink odor is nearly entirely eradicated, and printer performance is enhanced as a result.


Products from Sublistar provide a wealth of lucrative opportunities. Users may manage manufacturing costs, turnaround times, and quality with its assistance. Users will be able to create a variety of profitable, long-lasting, and high-quality outputs for both outdoor and indoor use by applying their expertise to the wide-format market.

It aids users in generating significant short-term income. Users no longer have to turn down shorter runs with better margins and custom works because setup costs and time are fixed regardless of how many items a user creates. Users may quickly and affordably deliver copies and short-run custom tasks, such posters and banners, using  variable data printing technology. Quickly change variable information like photographs, logos, locations, phone numbers, and dates by creating a master template file.


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