Unparalleled Advantages of A3 DTG Printer in Printing Pure Cotton T-shirts

Compared with the traditional printing method, the A3 DTG printer does not need to make plates when printing patterns on pure cotton clothing, which is efficient and environmentally friendly.

A3 DTG printer has become the first choice for many businesses engaged in small batch garment customization business because of its advantages such as rapid sample production, small footprint, low labor cost, bright printed patterns with good air permeability, high work efficiency, and faster order processing.

Technical innovation of A3 DTG Printer

The rapidly developing DTG printing technology has changed the stickiness of the white ink, and marks and other problems may occur during printing. The printed products have a soft handle, good air permeability, and water fastness of 3.5-4. According to customers’ feedback, many manufacturers have upgraded DTG printers. Now, if you want to do the pure cotton T-shirt customization business, I strongly recommend that you use an A3 DTG printer. This machine occupies a small area and has low labor costs. It only needs a printing device and a computer to print high-quality patterns. The picture painted by DTG on the black T-shirt is bright in color, and the texture can be like a manual painting.

Theoretically, the A3 DTG printer can print 16.77 million colors. In particular, it can print high-definition patterns with color gradients and textures.

The computer software can deal with color matching, and the proofing time is only one day. Merchants can modify the design drawings on the computer at any time according to the wishes of customers, which is convenient and quick and can give full play to the inspiration of designers and customers.

Convenient and environmentally friendly

The printing steps of DTG printing technology are very simple. One computer and one operator can finish work independently. If a customer gives a demand, after dealing with the pattern in the computer, the operator starts the machine and can print a garment for the customer in ten minutes. A3 DTG printer does not require high experience of staff. As long as you know the image processing software, the operation steps of the machine are easy to learn.

During the printing process, the ink is sprayed automatically according to the amount set by the computer, neither waste ink nor pollution. If it is necessary to print commodities in batches, the DTG printer can print each one exactly according to the data set in the computer. The difference between the same batch of goods is small.

Currently, A3 DTG printers with good quality and favorable prices generally have Epson I3200 / 4720 / xp600 printing heads, which have both printing speed and printing quality. The nozzle prints white ink and color ink respectively. The machine is usually $7500-8500, and the number of users is gradually increasing.

One item or small batch customization

DTG printing technology is an environmentally friendly printing process. As long as the pattern is okay, it can easily appear on the fabrics. Whether the color of the drawing is thick or light, the final picture of the clothes can show the original pattern to the maximum extent. The printing process is convenient and fast. Merchants can print goods for a customer individually.  They can process high-end customized garments in small batches, either.

Printing steps of A3 DTG printer

Image processing, pre-treatment, direct jet printing, and color fixing. As long as you master the recipe of DTG printing, you can finish the work smoothly.

Image processing  If you want to print a good pattern, the drawing must be perfect. Whether the picture is from the customer or the merchant, the pixel should be high and there shall be no spot on the picture. It is also very important to adjust the color patches that are prone to fading in the image processing software. Of course, this requires the guidance of experienced masters.

Spray pre-treatment liquid  Pure cotton T-shirt needs to be sprayed with pre-treatment liquid before it is fixed on the A3 DTG printer platform. The treatment liquid required for light and dark fabrics is different. The former is mainly used to increase the brightness of the pattern, and the latter is used to produce a chemical reaction with the white ink so that the white ink can be firmly adsorbed on the dark pure cotton fabric. When spraying, you can use professional spraying equipment or an electric kettle. In the process of spraying treatment liquid, spray it evenly and in sufficient quantity. Otherwise, the effect will not be good and the pattern will be easily washed away. Of course, there is no need to waste treatment liquid, as good treatment liquid is not cheap.

Direct jet printing  Enter data according to the instruction of the operation process. During the printing, do not turn on or off the machine or cut off the power supply at will.

Color fixing  It is a very important step, which is mainly to ensure that the pattern does not fade. There is also a certain knack for fixing color, and the temperature should be well controlled. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the cloth. If the temperature is too low, the color fastness is not enough.

Consumer demand

Today, the younger generation of consumers no longer enjoy the traditional consumption habit. They refuse to follow the same style, hoping to highlight their own personality and pay more attention to the expression of their aesthetics and taste. In the case of little difference in clothing fabrics and styles, the novel pattern design is more attractive to young people. It is because of this business opportunity that many well-known clothing brands began to use the DTG printing process to undertake custom orders.

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