Use Digital Inkjet Printer to Make a Special Gift for Your Child

Children’s Day is coming. In this festival belonging to children, parents always try their best to give their children an unforgettable holiday. Thus, beautiful clothes, Delicious food, storybooks, and other interesting gifts have become a must-have for parents.

The traditional Children’s Day gifts are also mainly surrounded by clothes, snacks, toys, and stationery. Skip these traditional gifts and show your baby how creative children’s Day gifts can be. Unique creativity and customization, simple and easy to do, now, teach you to easily fabricate Children’s Day creative gifts.

Parents can make the photos worthy of treasures into Children’s Day creative gifts, or let the children choose the pictures they have created. Parents take these pictures to a printing shop with a digital inkjet printer, and let the boss help to print these pictures and then transfer them to the water cup, backpack, shoes, pen holders, etc., such gifts are both novel and unique, and they must be liked by children.

Simple line-drawing

Children usually have a lot of Simple line-drawing works in art classes. Parents can choose his (or her )excellent works created in school, scan them into the computer in the print shop, and use DTF or DTG printer to print them on clothes or backpacks. Such a gift contains the love of parents, and it is also an affirmation of children’s creativity.

Watercolor painting, oil painting

When growing up, the child starts to create watercolor paintings. Those excellent works or oil paintings can be printed into hanging paintings, glass or crystal utensils, table cushions, etc. with UV machines. Seeing their paintings become decorations appreciated by parents can greatly enhance their self-confidence and pride. It helps motivate them to continuously develop their potential.

Scenery photography

Those pictures with warm and loving memories, deep commemorative meaning, and landscape paintings that children like them can be made into bookmarks or wood decorations placed on the desk with a UV printing mechanism.

Handmade origami, clay sculpture works

You can transmit photos of origami, clay sculptures, and other works made by children to the print shop, and let the merchants print these photos on the tray, mobile phone case, and deposit tank.

UV printing is widely used as universal printing because of its rich colors. When printing the pattern, whether there is a full-color pattern or a gradient color pattern, it can be easily completed and achieves the effect of color photo-level.

UV printing -cup
UV printing

Hanging paintings, murals, and screen pictures, which are printed with a UV printing machine are lifelike, with a strong three-dimensional sense and high artistic value. Both the operation process and the printing effect are unmatched by ordinary production technology.

Each child has his own little wish, and he or she is also longing for his parents to help him or realize this wish. It’s just that the usual life is too busy, and both parents and children have no way to draw time to satisfy these wishes one by one. Then parents can choose to satisfy their children’s wishes at this special moment. This will definitely make children feel very happy and impressed by the festival. A cute toy, a piece of clothes with cartoon patterns, a special small gift, etc. These wishes are not difficult to achieve.

Children’s Day is a holiday that parents and children spend together. It is a day full of laughter and childlike innocence. Work together to arrange this children’s daycare and make gifts only for children. Let the child have a good memory!

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