uv print on acrylic

Useful Information about UV Print on Acrylic

What Are The Advantages of UV Print on Acrylic?

Benefit 1: Compatible with different industries

The main advantage of UV print on acrylic is that it can be compatible with different industries and the printing materials are not limited. In actual UV printing, as explains in the video inside, it can not only be used in hard stone materials, but also in some glass background walls or iron sheet materials. The basic advantage of this design is that the strong compatibility can be applied to a wider range of industries, And this advanced design mode of acrylic uv printer can better meet the development needs of the market, and can also provide more comprehensive printing services for different industries.

Benefit 2: Complex color patterns can be printed

Another advantage of the Acrylic UV printer is that it can print complex color patterns. Especially in some special industries, it has higher requirements for the clarity of the patterns, especially some trademarks or packaging, which will have higher requirements for the printer. The use of theUV print on acrylic can better print the relevant areas and locations, At the same time, it can also avoid the occurrence of position deviation in manual printing, which will improve both the print clarity and print quality.

What is the Free-Coating of UV Printer?

uv print on acrylic

The free-coating UV DTF printer means that when printing some materials, printing can be started without prepress treatment on the material surface. It does not mean that all materials can be printed without coating. This is conditional.

For example, the surface of plastic materials can be free of coating, such as mobile phone shell and laptop shell. The common gypsum ceiling in building materials can also be printed without coating; However, some materials cannot be printed without coating, such as glass, glazed ceramic tile, metal and other materials with high surface density and smooth surface.

So, how to avoid coating? The coating free is actually determined by the ink. The UV ink itself contains corrosivity, which can slightly (invisible to the naked eye) corrode the surface of the material. During this process, the pigment components in the ink can be attached to the surface of the material, realizing the entire printing process.

Of course, now there are also some non coating inks on the glass. In fact, the chemical agent is added. It seems that there is one less process, but the loss is greater. If it is an industrial nozzle, no problem. If the small nozzle is used in this way, the purity of the ink will be reduced and the impurities will increase. As a result, the nozzle will be blocked and scrapped in a very short time.

People who run digital printing know that printing materials such as glass, ceramic tile and metal cannot be printed directly, and materials need to be coated before printing. First, let’s talk about the advantages of coating:

1、 Drying rate

The rapid treatment solution is prepared with special chemical materials, and it will dry in about three minutes after spraying, especially on smooth materials such as glass, porcelain and metal.

2、 Better printing quality

If it is directly printed on some materials, it is mainly a smooth material that does not absorb water. The effect is poor, and the effect is extraordinary after using the treatment solution. No matter the material is bent and folded or placed for a long time, the surface of the material will not appear cracks, faults and other phenomena.

3、 Wear resistance and waterproof

Because the liquid contains the component of adhesive, the adsorption force of ink and material after printing is very superior, which is much higher than the abrasion resistance in the untreated state, and the water resistance of the material after using the processing liquid is also much higher than that in the uncoated state.

uv print on acrylic

The printing process of the UV DTF printer can realize the personalized customization of the pattern. The UV printing can print the pattern you want on the board, and its operation is relatively simple. The flat-panel printer is simple to learn, easy to operate, and easy to use. It does not need to spend too much time on the operation of the equipment, nor waste too much energy to learn. It only needs a flat-panel printer to operate, So its performance is very powerful.

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