Using DTF and DTG to Produce High Profit Commodity — Short Curtain

Many businesses choose to use DTF and DTG printers to produce clothing, most of which are T-shirts. But few people have noticed another kind of commodity, which uses no more materials than clothes, but the price is generally higher than garments. It is the theme we are going to talk about today — short curtain. The sales of short curtains on the online platform are amazing, but the number of online businesses is much less than that of clothing firms.

Business opportunity

Those companies with striking sales on short curtains usually offer dozens or even hundreds of pictures and several specific fabrics on their websites for customers to choose from. If a consumer chooses a certain pattern and fabric, the merchant will print the selected pattern on the fabric according to the customer’s will. This process is quite simple, and the fabric is only an ordinary one. Those businesses rely on just dozens of pictures to earn high value-added profits. In other words, with DTF and DTG printers, you can undertake many orders about printing short curtains. The printing process is so simple, yet it is not a highly competitive industry.

Curtains are familiar to everyone. It not only protects our privacy but also makes our home beautiful. Cloth curtain accounts for a large proportion of door curtains. There are many materials that can be made of cloth curtains, silk, cotton, plant fiber, and so on. The style of cloth curtain is simple and generous, which is permeable to air and has good moisture absorption. Its price is relatively favorable. Besides, many patterns can be drawn on the curtain.

Although the curtain is an indispensable decoration in the home, there are still many skills in choosing them. For example, the color and style of curtains should be consistent with home decoration. In addition, curtains in families are not only needed for windows, but also for some doors and windowsills, especially short curtains. A short curtain with appropriate patterns is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the home.

New market situation  

Today’s consumers, refusing to “follow the crowd”, are more willing to pay for novel goods. Consumers who advocate expressing their own styles have created a 10 billion market in online shopping malls— Customization.

Post-90s and post-00s consumers continue to expand the size of the business. They made photographs, landscape pictures, or cartoon patterns printed on mobile phone cases, T-Shirts, canvas bags, mugs, and other daily necessities. They design curtains that conform to their own aesthetics. The pastoral style door curtains make people feel fresh and elegant, and the flower creates a romantic and comfortable home environment; Nordic style patterns with hemp materials are popular with young people.

A short curtain is needed when you have a bay window. The ingenious design of the bay window is deeply loved by many young people. They are willing to take it as a place to enjoy the scenery and relax. The short curtain is an indispensable decoration for the bay window. Young customers customize the style, color, and pattern of short curtains according to their preferences. Compared with buying ready-made goods, they also like to be the designer of their own goods.

Facing the growing consumer group, businesses should timely grasp the opportunity to provide them with high-grade services.

Short curtain made of cotton, polyester, or blended fabric

The emergence of DTF technology has overturned the production mode of traditional ones. It can print excellent patterns not only on pure cotton materials but also on cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, 50/50 blends, etc. Its intelligent production process brings a new concept to the personalized customization industry. DTF is extremely fast in printing, and the printed pictures have high color saturation and clear pattern details. The most important point is that DTF can meet the needs of customers for one-piece customization, which is suitable for small batch online orders.

100% pure cotton short curtain

DTG printer, which specializes in printing pure cotton fabric, is digital direct injection equipment. It can print colorful and high-definition patterns. Different from the traditional technology limited by plate making, batch, color, and efficiency, DTG printers do not need to do plate making. Customers choose patterns from the printing business or provide a picture to the printer, and the intelligent DTG printing device can directly spray the corresponding pattern on the pure cotton fabric, which is simple and fast. It may take ten or twenty minutes to print a short curtain, and the process is environmentally friendly, without wastewater and odor.

Until now, the vast majority of online businesses with DTF and DTG printers have focused on undertaking garment printing services. In fact, the added value of a short curtain is no less than that of clothing, but it has not attracted much attention. The market is constantly changing, but young people’s pursuit of beautiful things has never changed. If you want to grasp business opportunities, you should not be mechanistic in your thinking. Design pictures that are in line with the aesthetics of young people, use DTF and DTG to deal with orders, and be at the forefront of trends!

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