Using DTF printing to customize a set of summer clothes for yourself!

DTF heat transfer printing can be said to be in the limelight in recent years. With its simple operation process and high restoration of patterns, it quickly occupies  half share of the printing market.

When printing, sprinkle a layer of hot-melt powder, heat and fix the color through a dryer, and finally use a pressing machine to imprint the pattern on the clothes without waste discharge. The operation is simple, and it solves waste discharge, carving, stroke, and a series of tedious problems. There is no longer the problem of finding fault with fabrics in the direct jet printing process. The new hot stamping process is not limited to materials. Businesses don’t have to worry about color difference and fastness. What you see is what you get. At the same time, the production process does not need to be coated, which effectively improves production efficiency. The patterns are freely selected, naturally hollowed out, lighter and breathable.

Strong color fastness  / Strong tensile strength / No glitches / No cracking/ No leaks

DTF printing


Due to the advantages that the traditional manufacturing industry does not have, DIY printing is setting off an upsurge of technological innovation all over the world. DTF printing is more suitable for personalized printing and customized processing. Printing – dusting – dusting – drying, from the pattern to the product, only four steps can be completed. The whole process has basically achieved intelligent integration, and the product is more washable and tear-resistant.

Another advantage of DTF printing technology is that the patterns it produces have a strong three-dimensional sense, good hand feel, bright colors, and strong pattern layers, and the materials used in this technology are environmentally friendly. DTF is one of the new garment printing processes recognized by all kinds of garment enterprises in the past two years.

One DTF printer and one pressing machine can immediately manufacture personalized products, such as jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, trousers, socks, canvas bags, masks, etc. “DIY printing + Internet” has brought new changes. Businesses have built DIY printing services in combination with the advantages and characteristics of personalized customization and distributed manufacturing of DIY printing.

DTF printing

DIY is popular among young consumers

In recent years, some young people in China like to make daily necessities by hand. Although these objects are often considered difficult to match the products made by designers, they believe that handmade products are completely different from industrial products. Conscious consumption, fun, and creativity are its main connotation. People get the satisfaction of self-esteem from the handmade process, which is an inevitable development stage of an anti-consumer society.

Today, DIY (Do-it-yourself) is becoming more and more popular, ranging from needlework and cooking to gardening and house building. When people are tired of seeing the same industrial products on the market, or the boring market products cannot meet the special needs of the customers, the idea of “Do it yourself” may arise spontaneously. Do what you need, do what you want, and make your own work that is unique and unique in the market. Not only are there many participants, but almost every aspect of life is involved. Doing handicrafts can exercise hands-on ability and the capability of logical thinking and creativity. Each manual DIY work is not exactly the same and condenses the creativity and Inspiration of the producer, which is loved by people who pursue individuality and advocate nature. It has become an indispensable part of life. The satisfaction it gives people in the process is more important. Industrial production has indeed become more and more perfect. Many products do not need to be made by themselves, but they always seem to lack something. People are so strange. They need to be close to nature, exercise, and work and enjoy the fun of life in exercise and work. This is another high-level pursuit of DIY.

For example, at the end of each long vacation, the wonderful or warm moments of the journey are recorded on the mobile phone. These beautiful pictures can be stored in the computer for editing, and then printed on T-shirts, backpacks, and shoes. After watching a good movie, you can intercept some scenes or characters for editing, maybe you will create a hit!

If you have talent in color matching or fashion graphics, it is even more amazing. You can completely color, draw, and design your own fashion clothes. DIY can fully develop your creative thinking and fashion sensitivity. Try to design an article of clothing! It is actually not that difficult.

The beautiful scenery, famous paintings, unique patterns, and cute cartoon images you see can all be printed on clothes. You can learn the design of well-known clothing brands, refer to their color matching and design, and design a set of clothes for yourself.

Summer is here. Print your favorite pictures, patterns, movies, or anime images on your clothes! The creativity is up to you, and the style is free to master!



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