UV DTF Printing on christmas

UV DTF Printing: the Revolution in (Christmas) Gifts Personalization

Where to buy UV DTF Printer?

What Benefits do UV DTF Printing Offer?

One of the most adaptable techniques now available is UV DTF printing. With some applications, the only thing stopping you from printing on nearly any hard surface, including boards, wood, PVC, glass, ceramics, metal, plastic, or leather, is your imagination.

First, prior to printing, all materials—aside from leather—needing flat-panel printers required coating treatments to promote ink absorption. With the exception of glass tiles and metals, which have a high surface density and require a spraying layer for materials with an amazing light map, the current UV DTF printing can print directly without coating.

The second improvement is in printing efficiency. Because the old flat-panel printers used Epson nozzles, which have eight colors each, the printing efficiency was quite low when the program was running. The efficiency and stability of the new UV flat-panel printers, which use Ricoh nozzles and have one nozzle and one color, are higher than those of Epson flat-panel printers.

Third, there is a difference in the type of effect that can be printed. The prior flat-panel printer could only print in color, not white, and it used a weak solvent ink that could only print flat effects, not embossed three-dimensional effects. Now, white and relief can be printed on UV flat-panel displays!

Fourth, the drying process. Unlike the modern UV DTF printer, which employs the UV curing light at the head to rapidly dry the UV DTF ink, the earlier flat-panel printer required mechanical drying after printing in order for the ink to be entirely dried.

UV DTF Printing on christmas

Circular cardboard flower boxes for Christmas. Presently, cardboard flower boxes and flower bouquet boxes, including square flower packaging, round cardboard flower boxes, and cylindrical flower boxes, are undoubtedly on style and are taking the place of wrapping paper.

Imagine if a flower delivery service can produce a full, spectacular, and customized product in addition to a distinctive flower bouquet based on the needs of the customer. You might wonder, how? A personal message from the customer to their loved ones can be included to the flower box in addition to their own logo and brand. This statement may be directly printed on the box cap or may take the form of a complete picture print, imaginative graphic design, or intricate drawing. The traditional flower card messages are added on top of this, and they are presented in a more appealing way by utilizing various printing effects, including 3D embossing, tactile prints, Spot UV DTF ink printing for glossy and smooth print finishes, matte effects, white ink printing, and combinations of these effects for the ultimate product that is customized on all fronts.

DIY chocolate boxes.

Chocolate boxes, candy boxes, cookie boxes, packaging for sweets stores, gift shops, and other uses all make use of personalized Christmas boxes, Christmas gifts, and Christmas packaging.
Additionally, by giving consumers the choice to customize not only the chocolate item itself but also the gift they get, these shops may amaze their patrons. Chocolate shops can fill special, personalized orders for chocolates that include printed Christmas messages, favorite Christmas phrases, original Christmas artwork, a wintery environment, or your own personal photo.
Custom chocolate boxes can be made from a range of materials and shapes, including cardboard packaging, tin boxes, plastic boxes, hessian boxes, canvas box tops, and kraft paper boxes.


To complement this concept, bakeries, confectionery shops, candy shops, and candy stores can print and personalize their own packaging boxes for particular occasions and holidays. How? Purchase of a UV DTF printer will get you access to this for ongoing work and customized creation.

UV DTF Printing on christmas
UV DTF Printing on christmas

Custom wood bottle stands and personalized Christmas wine bottles.

Create your own unique, personalized wine gifts, labels, and bottle packaging. The custom bottle printing solution targets a broad range of industry professionals, including wine producers who can enhance their logo brands and create distinctive labels for every type of wine or limited wine editions, print shops that can broaden their printing expertise and print solutions and print offers to customers, businesses looking to create Christmas corporate gifts for their staff, and many others.

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