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UV DTF Printing-New Commerical Opportunity

In the wake of development of digital printing, individualized design has become more and more popular among the young people. Recently, some DIY stickers go viral on social media, such as Tik Tok and Facebook. Can you believe that those DIY designs are made by UV DTF Printing?

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Here is a short introduction of UV DTF Printing. Ten years ago, you must have never heard of UV printer, but now it is a well-known name. Domestic UV flat-panel printer firstly appeared in ten years ago, but it occupied most of the printing market in a short time. But the UV DTF Printing is a relatively new technology, known as cold transfer printing. It means that the patterncan be sticked to the objects with just a finger press within 20 seconds, then the pattern is permanently printed on the stuff. Unlike sublimation and screen printing, UV DTF printing is a novel technology with simple production technology. Different from labor intensive printing, as screen printing and sublimation printing, the UV DTF printing is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses.

What’s the Process of UV DTF Printing?

UV Labels

Literally, cold transfer printing doesn’t need to heat. Without the step of heating, the whole process becomes more simple. When finishing the printing, you just need to tear off the base paper, stick the transfer paper to the stuff, press and exhaust air inside and it just finished.

What UV DTF Printing can be applied to?cold transfer sticker

UV printing is in vogue, and the range of its application continues to expand. UV printer can print patterns, logos and characters of various products in any complex color and hard materials such as plexiglass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, leather, textile cloth, copperplate paper and other objects with regular and irregular shapes. It does not need plate making, color coating and complex drying procedures, No damage to the surface of the material.

Will it be the new business opportunity?

Let the design logo be your stepping stone to your success. Enterprise culture plays an important role in a company and the company’s logo is a reflection of enterprise’s culture.  You can print your company logo in some stuffs, such as water bottles and T-shirts. What you have done is adding  invisible profit into your business. On the one hand, the customized logo propagate your company to the targeted customers. When you go out or participate some exhibitions, you bring something with the company’s logo is a good way to advertise your printing product. In some professional printing exhibitions, more intimidating than common customershave attracted many new companions. What you take on the products is a way to show your professional level. Maybe the potential customers are interested in your new products because of  your logo on your water bottle. On the other hand, this customization will allow you to fully fulfill a customer’s needs and allows you to produce a variety of designs to suit all tastes. A quick and easy process, it allows people to bring their creations that they have made on the screen to reality.

For Company Logo

UV-LED Printing

With an attracted design shining on the top of the printed inks, spot UV is really considered as a perfect and unique coating that comes with an irreplaceable effect.Clear, high gloss surface: when ultraviolet light is applied to metal, it results in dark and rich colors, and is very effective for image rich projects. Because of its amazing gloss and effective results, it is very popular today.
Are you ready to take your printing documents to the beauty and creativity? Have you been looking for a way to stand out from all your competitors with an amazing printing that dazzles your eye? Then this is the right destination for you where you. In comparison to all other customized printing services, UV spot labels are being recognised as one of the most brilliant effects, which you should definitely add in your promotional strategy.
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