UV printer Can Make Children’s Educational Toys. Do You Want to Have One?

Toys & UV printer  In recent years, young parents have paid attention to cultivating their children’s thinking. They bought educational toys for their children when they were very young, including wooden toys and plastic toys, such as building block, jigsaw puzzles, and magic cubes. People who often play educational toys have higher open thinking ability.

Toys accompany every child’s childhood, and no child can resist the temptation of new toys. Children like different toys. Only by constantly developing new toys can toy manufacturers satisfy children’s wishes. New creativity and unique design are the magic weapon for toy business to win the competition.

Fancy toy for children

Children are more likely to be attracted by the beautiful appearance and bright patterns of toys. Bright colored and attractive educational toys can stimulate children’s vision and become an effective tool to help children understand the world. Educational toys also have the function of coordinating physical functions. For example, children should not only use their brains, but also use their hands to build a box of building blocks. In this way, children’s physical functions such as hand foot coordination and hand eye coordination can be trained and gradually established by playing games. If parents or friends take part in games and play with children, children’s social skills can be improved. In communication, children gradually learn to cooperate and develop their language skills, and know how to share their experiences with others.

The appearance of UV flatbed printer has met customers’ demand for new toys with unique design. It can directly print various patterns on toys, and also print the designs required by customers on UV DTF transfer films (like stickers), and then children can paste the patterns on their toys according to their own preferences. The imported UV ink is environmentally friendly and safe, and the printed patterns do not fade, so parents do not have to worry about safety issues and the problem that toy patterns are easy to fade.

Building block

Building block toys made of wood occupy a large share of the market, such as wooden literacy boards, wooden huts and wooden puzzles. UV printer can print patterns or characters on a single block, or print complete patterns on the whole board. Parents can also design their own patterns (such as the street map from kindergarten to home) and send it to the merchants. The staff responsible for printing will print this pattern completely on the wooden toys. In this way, the baby can complete the puzzle according to his memory or imagination in the process of playing.

The UV printer can also print different colors on the cube, and children can build different scenes according to different building block colors and shapes. The more the number of single blocks, the more objects with different shapes can be built, so that children can have more space to play.

UV printing toys without coating

Before traditional flat panel printers print objects, they need to add a layer of coating on the object surface, that is, spray a layer of transparent primer. Its function is to make the ink adsorb on it, so that the design color to be printed is bright enough. After the object is printed, it needs to stand for a period of time, and the subsequent processing can be carried out after the ink and coating are completely dry. UVLED UV curing technology can instantly cure the ink while printing, without coating, and retain the original texture of the material.

UV DTF transfer film

The UV printer can print the children’s favorite patterns on the UV DTF transfer film, and then can paste these patterns freely on various old toys to make new toys. For example, for children who like the profession of police or doctors, UV printers can print the car logo, various signs inside and outside the building, character images, streets, rescue scenes and other patterns related to these professions. Children can paste these pictures on old toys according to their imagination to make different scenes.

Educational toys can improve children’s hand eye coordination, color recognition, space concept, logical thinking ability, and cultivate children’s concentration and endurance. Playing educational games for a long time is beneficial to the development of left and right brains, so many parents are more willing to buy such toys now. Personalized toys that can cultivate children’s thinking ability are more popular. UV printer plays an irreplaceable role in the personalized printing process. Users can choose their own beautiful patterns, and then ask businesses to print the patterns on children’s toys, or let children choose their own patterns, and then tear the printed images from the UV DTF transfer film, paste them on the toys to be modified, and make a toy that belongs to them.

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