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UV Printer Capable of Printing Cylinders

As we all know, UV flat-panel printers can print on many flat objects. Because of its wide range of applications, it has become the favorite of companies doing the printing business. In fact, some advanced UV printers can not only print cylinders but also have the function of any tablet printer. It can print beautiful patterns on the surface of wine bottles, glass bottles, coke cups, round tubes, lipstick tubes, cans, aromatherapy lamps, electric toothbrushes, tea cans, thermos cups, and other objects.


In terms of operation mode, UV printers that can print cylinders are not much different from ordinary UV printers. It’s just that its ink jet mode and the control board program are different. When printing cylindrical products, there will be a fixture making products set in the right place. This UV printer can realize 360-degree rotation printing. At this time, the servo motor controls the base plate to rotate at a constant speed, and the movement of the ink car is synchronized with this so that the nozzle can spray towards the base plate.

An automatic control system can accurately identify the area and position to be printed, control the ink volume, and avoid the problems of position offset and wrong coloring in manual printing. At present, the Cylinder printing machine is mainly used for printing water cups, wine bottles, thermos cups, and other businesses. With the continuous innovation of technology, some businesses’ UV printers can print both cylindrical materials and flat ones. Therefore, more and more businesses engaged in custom commodities choose multi-functional UV printers. For example, this kind of printer can print both characteristic wine bottles and wine boxes; It can not only print lipstick tubes but also make-up mirrors and leather goods. With one machine, you can process a variety of orders.


So far, there are not many manufacturers who really master cylinder printing technology and can produce high-level printers. Epson series of nozzles are suitable for cylindrical printing-Epson generation 5, Epson generation 7, and Epson generation 10. Other nozzles fit for this machine are Ricoh g5i, Toshiba nozzles, etc.

At present, the nozzles used for cylinder digital printing machines in the market mainly include Epson TX800 and XP600, Toshiba CE4M; Small Ricoh GH2220. Although large format UV printers continue to appear in the market in recent years, they are not fit for printing cylinder goods. Some small UV printers can also complete the task perfectly. Take the Epson nozzle as an example. The nozzle orifice is controlled by the boarding card, so that the ink is sprayed vertically to the parallel position on the surface of the cylindrical object (the horizontal position is equivalent to a plane). The nozzle, the boarding card, and the fixture cooperate with each other to realize 360-degree rotation printing. Therefore, it has the same advantages as other UV flat-panel printers, without complicated steps such as plate making. The whole printing process only needs one operator, which saves labor costs for the printing shop. More than that, this printer has a fast printing speed and good image quality. The small orders can be printed in a few minutes or half an hour, greatly improving work efficiency.

In addition, the cylinder printing machine has low noise in the printing process, and the sound caused by the nozzle movement is small, creating a relatively quiet working environment for operators. Green – this kind of printer inherits the good characteristics of a UV printer, and the UV ink used is a relatively environmentally friendly one.


The application field of cylinder printing UV machines is mainly a personalized commodity. At the time enterprises do activities, distributing souvenirs to employees; newlyweds customize hand gifts for their guests, and people customize gifts for friends and families, this is a good time for  UV printers to show their talents. Customers only need to send the pictures they want to print on the products to the staff of the printing shop, and the UV printer can make high-definition patterns on the cylindrical products. The patterns have strong adhesion and are waterproof, not easy to peel off.

UV printers can meet people’s needs for custom goods to the greatest extent. Designers can give full play to their creative talents, and those samples can be modified at will on the computer. The image on the computer is the effect of the finished product, which can be produced directly after the customer is satisfied.

Whether in the past, present, or future, young people will always lead a life in fashion. Nowadays, young people are increasingly advocating individuality and rejecting stereotyped design. Their knowledge is growing, their creativity is increasing, and their demand for goods is becoming more and more personalized. Therefore, small quantities of products with exquisite patterns and features of environmental protection have become the new fashion they pursue.

Our UV printers can meet all these needs.

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