UV Printer Makes Unique Glass Decorations for You

Glass products are familiar to everyone. Glass is a common element in home decoration design, for example, glass partitions, glass windows, glass sliding doors, glass wardrobe doors, glass art paintings, glass background walls, etc. The glass decorations with unique design, atmosphere, and crystal clearness will bring different visual experiences to the room. With the popularity of personalization, more and more people begin to pursue personalized customization. Glass printing has become the choice of many businesses.

In recent years, printed glass, for its powerful use function, crystal clear attribute, and the characteristics of creative patterns that can be used by designers themselves, has become a popular choice for interior decoration designers.

UV flat-panel printer is widely favored by businessmen because it can quickly make exquisite patterns on the glass.


UV glass printing technology is a kind of technology that uses glass as the medium to make glass have various effects such as patterns, colors, patterns, and shapes through UV printing technology, and combines art with glass. This process is a non format full-color digital printing technology that replaces the screen printing process. Its principle is that the organic ink is light-cured and attached to the substrate surface by UV ultraviolet light during the spray painting process. The glass UV printer adopts the piezoelectric ink-jet printing technology. Depending on the internal voltage of the nozzle, the ink in the jet hole is sprayed onto the glass surface, so that the required image can be directly formed on the glass surface. Moreover, it does not need to be in direct contact with the glass surface. UV flat-panel printer can make a variety of patterns on the glass, realizing the diversification of one machine. The finished product of this technology is favored by a vast number of consumers for its gorgeous and luxury. It has become a new highlight of modern decorative materials, and the market voice is rising. Available indoors, windows, storefronts, hotels, dance halls, screens, partitions, walls, ceilings, furniture, and other decorations.

It is very common to use a UV flat-panel printer to decorate and beautify the glass surface. Because UV printing is environmentally friendly, plate free, digital, and personalized, it has been valued and popularized by people.


UV printed glassware patterns are flexible. As long as the input of the picture in the computer is clear enough to meet the printing requirements, almost any pattern can be easily printed. The technology can realize mass production and save labor costs. The finished product pattern is firm and not easy to fade. At the same time, it also adds a Polish effect to enhance firmness and brightness and enhance the artistic effect.

Because of its variety, rich colors, and lifelike patterns, colored glass integrates fashion and elegance, tradition and modernity, and truly realizes the artistic charm of glass technology.

Glass has been more and more widely used by designers in partition design applications. In the process of application, from the initial transparent function requirements to the combination of UV printing and other processes, the original ordinary transparent glass has begun to give full play to the visual enjoyment of artistic expression and element decoration.

UV flat-panel printers

The current UV printer is called a universal printer, which is what we are going to call a glass UV printer today. Because through UV curing, ink droplets can quickly solidify into dots on the printing medium, so as to integrate beautiful images. Such a printer can print glass, wood, iron, acrylic, various advertising materials, and other media, especially suitable for home decoration, handicrafts, and advertising applications.

People often connect UV flat-panel printers with engraving machines and sandblasting machines to create a new process. First, carve the required pattern on the glass, then sandblast the pattern, and then color and render with a UV flat-panel printer. The product is high-end, high-grade, and novel, and is deeply loved by the majority of consumers.

Simple, full of design and creativity, UV-printed glass art breaks the “stereotype” of glass to everyone. It has both a fashion and artistic sense so that everyone can see the charm of transparent furniture.

The demand for exquisite glass decorations continues to grow. The public has special feelings for those beautiful and flexible glass crafts. The crystal-like glass has a hazy dreamy beauty, and it is pure, with non-impurity. A large number of glass products, which emerge on the market, also means unlimited business opportunities.

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