What Is the Structure of UV Printer? 7 Core Components and Functions

UV printer is a kind of digital printer that uses ultraviolet light to dry the ink on the prints, which is on the rise now. If you are new to this and plan to purchase one UV printer, it is better to get an idea about the parts and components, knowing them will help you understand how to operate the UV printer and maintain it as well. 

The 7 core parts / components of UV printer are:

Name of UV Printer Parts and Their Position
The Position of Important Parts of UV Printer

UV Printer's Heart - Printhead

As the core component of a UV printer, printhead is responsible for spraying ink to the substrates to form patterns. It is composed of numerous tiny nozzles. Currently, popular printheads in the market are EPSON series printheads for its cost-effectiveness, outputting high-quality prints at relatively low price. In addition, Kyocera and Konica are also two famous brands for super fast speed printing of large machines. 

The quality of printhead greatly affect the printing performance and effect. A good UV printer must be equipped with high-quality nozzles, so when buying the machine, you must pay attention to it. Besides, it is also important to maintain the printhead well in daily work to prevent nozzle clogging. If you are not sure about the performance or parameters of the printhead, talk with expert is a good idea.

Epson printhead

UV Printer's Brain - Mainboard

The mainboard is equivalent to the “brain” of the UV printer, controlling the operation of UV printing machine. Without the mainboard, the UV printer will not function normally. Also, the mainboard will influence the printing effect and performance. Hosonsoft and BYHX mainboards are two most-known brands in the UV printer manufacturing industry.

Advanced mainboard can provide superior printing performance and reliability. During the use of the UV printer, take care that no water or liquid dripping on the board. In addition, static electricity has a great impact on various systems of the UV printer, and the grounding wire can effectively eliminate static electricity.

Close Up View of a UV Printer Mainboard
Close Up View of a UV Printer Mainboard

UV Printer's Important Parts - Servo Motors

Servo motors intends to provide power for the belt to make the carriage move from one side to another side. The motors can control the speed and positioning accuracy at very accurate degree. They affect the printing length and stability of the equipment too.

And keep aware of the following precautions of servo motors:

  • The servo motor should be kept away from water because it is non water-proof.
  • To reduce the pressure, make the cable’s elbow radius as large as possible.
  • During installation and operation, make sure that the radial and axial load control of the servo motor axis is controlled within the specified value of each model.
  • Try to align the axis to the best condition.

Ink Supply System of UV Printer

The ink supply system is like the “blood circulation system” of the UV printer. A timely ink supply can ensure the smooth printing of the machine. The ink supply path is the main ink cartridge-the secondary ink cartridge – the nozzle. The corresponding accessories of this system include an ink pump, ink pipe, secondary ink cartridge, filter, and ink supply plate. Make sure that ink supply system is smooth and stable without splashing ink droplets to ensure the perfect output of printing jobs.

The ink of UV printers cannot be used indiscriminately. Each type of nozzle uses different ink. If using the wrong one, it may cause irreversible damage to the machine.

When printing wood, marble, or ceramic tiles, it is often operated indoors. If the indoor air circulation is bad, please pay attention to using safe and environmentally friendly UV ink.

UV Printer's Core Component - Printing Platform

UV printer’s printing platform is used to place the substrates, it’s also called suction platform. 

As is known to all, some soft substrates like leather, plastic and PVC are easy to lift up in the printing process, which will cause friction between substrates and printhead. This phenomenon will not only make the substrates scrapped but also damage the printhead, the suction function of the platform will prevent the phenomenon effectively as the turbo fan under the suction platform will absorb air through the holes to fix the material, making it is more convenient to print and providing better protection for printhead.

High-precision vacuum suction platform of sublistar star v

UV Printer's Guide Rail

The guide rail is the guidance and supporting components responsible for the linear movement of the X -axis and Y axis direction of the UV printer. Quality of the guide rail has direct effect on the printing quality. If the UV printer is equipped with inadequate guide rail, there will be serious problems like unevenness and machine breaking down, leading to the printing patterns floating up and down inconsistent. Meanwhile, the machine will emit big noise when working.

Daily maintenance will also keep the guide rail in good condition:

  • Don’t touch the guide rail directly.
  • Apply lubricating oil on the guide rail regularly.
  • Cover the surface of UV printer with protective cloth when you go out for holiday.
Independent ink ejection device of sublistar star v uv printer

LED Curing Lamp on UV Printer

The LED curing lamp is also known as a UV lamp, its function is to cure the ink. The LED curing lamp emits single wavelength invisible light, generally below 400nm, mainly 365nm, and 395nm. 

It is installed on both sides of the nozzle, and the LED light will emit ultraviolet light to cure it after the nozzle spray ink. The better the UV lamp, the better the irradiation effect, the less the decline of light attenuation, and the longer the service life of the lamp. 

A good UV lamp can quickly solidify the ink and avoid the ink from contact with dust, which will affect the firmness of the pattern. If conditions permit, customers who want to buy UV printers can go to the manufacturer’s site to check the real printing effect of the machine. 

UV Lamp Protective Cover of sublistar star v uv printer

Why Do You Need To Know the Important Parts of UV Printer?

Knowing the core components and their function are the lesson 1 needs to learn in UV printing. Get an idea about the UV printer’s 7 important components means you are well prepared to choose the best (most suitable) UV printer for yourself or the printing business.

Remember to take above parts and factors into account at the time you choose and compare the UV printers.

If you need more information or advice, or just wanted to talk with UV printing experts, the team from SUBLISTAR – the world leading manufacture is ready for you.

What material can be used for UV printing?

UV printer can print on various substrates like wood, glass, metal, plastic, cardboard and more.

With sublistar’s UV ink, the finished product is waterproof and fade-resistant, and the printed surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

UV printing uses specialized UV inks. UV LEDs instead of heat cure the ink onto the print media during printing. No need for a heat press.

The UV flatbed machine can print on almost any flat material such as mobile phone cases, medals, packaging boxes, leather, wood, ceramics, promotional items, pvc, etc. With the jig, it can also be printed on curved surfaces, such as cups, golf balls, etc.

UV printers print on substrates directly while UV DTF printers print on AB films first, and then attach to the substrates. UV DTF printer is extended from UV printer to make up for the shortcomings of UV printing.

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