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Buy UV DTF Printer Get Lamination for Free !

Buying any Sublistar UV DTF machine, you will get a UV DTF bundled package valued at $300 for free, including 2 packs uv dtf A film, 2 rolls uv dtf B film, uv dtf inks and a lamination machine.

New solution for instant transfer on hard substrates

UV DTF printing is a new technology called cold transfer printing. The biggest advantage of this technology is that after printing, it can be transferred directly to the substrate without additional processing.

Suitable for all hard substrates

Hard material substrates such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Instant Cold Transfer Print

Directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing.

Easy operation

After printing, just tear off the base paper, stick the transfer paper on the material, press and expel the air inside, and it has done.

Widely Application

UV printer can print patterns, logos and characters of various products in any complex color and hard materials.

Know the Feature of UV-STAR III

epson i1600

Epson PrecisionCore® printhead technology

Using Epson’s latest printhead technology is simply amazing. And, with print resolutions up to 1800 dpi, text and line art is extremely sharp and clear.

uv dtf vanish

Print Varnish And 3D Embossing Effect

White varnish with three printheads for 3D embossing and multi-layered transparent embossing effects, including the amazing varnish gloss and matt finishes.

uv dtf print

High-Performance Ink For Colourful Applications

UV inks with excellent colour development and colour reproduction, which are cured by UV light, provide not only brilliant colours but also excellent adhesion.

uv dtf printer

Peace Of Mind, Nozzle Failure Prevention Technology

When the equipment is in standby mode, the ink cart will periodically flash spray at the left side of the flash spray slot to ensure the smoothness of the printhead. To prolong the life of the print head, the equipment is also designed with a broken needle compensation function, which can be used when a broken nozzle is detected and cannot be cleaned out to ensure normal printing of the product.

uv dtf printer

Negative Pressure Ink Supply System


When the ink in the inkjet head and outlet pipe is attracted by negative pressure air, it stays in balance and does not fall out. When the inkjet head is printed down, the ink can be automatically filled to achieve the effect of continuous printing.

UV DTF Applications

The range of UV DTF applications continues to expand. UV DTF printers can print patterns, logos and characters of various complex colors and hard materials with regular and irregular shapes.

Incredible Overall Value!

The highest quality UV DTF starter kit.
The UV DTF Starter Kit includes:
Laminator: A3 hot roll lamination machine
UV DTF A film: 2 packs (100pcs/pack)
UV DTF B film: 2 rolls (300mm*100m)
UV DTF Ink: 1set (1000ml*6 c,m,y,k,w,gl)
Sublistar UV DTF Environment Settings
Sublistar UV DTF Instructional Video

uv dtf solution

Benefits of Sublistar DTF

1 Year Warranty

Within 1 year from the date of purchase, if the machine has non-man-made damage, you can enjoy free warranty service.

Starter Kit for Beginners

Starter kit pack including UV DTF PET Film, UV DTF Inks, Laminator and the user's guide

Rip Software

Buy a machine and you will get a $500 worth of rip softwarefor free. CADlink, SAI FLEXI, Acrorip, MainTop for option.

Online Technical Support

The expert team will serve you online and solve any problems you encounter for free.

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