DCP-80 Digital Cylinder UV Printer

With the market demand for cylindrical printing and irregular conical printing, SUBLISTAR has developed a targeted high-speed cylindrical printer. This printer is aimed at some customers who do not produce in large quantities, but can produce single or small quantities of finished products very quickly. It can also support 360° seamless splicing technology. In normal printing mode(CMYK+W+V), it can print a product in 80 seconds.

Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: Epson i1600 Printhead
  • Max Print Width: 240mm
  • Max Print Resolution: 2880dpi
  • Ink Type: Eco UV Curing Ink
  • Print Mode: C, M, Y, K + W + V

Top Features:

  • High printing resolution for bright and vivid color output
  • 360° seamless spiral printing technology
  • Super fast speed 80s per pcs bottle printing
  • Support max 8mm high drop printing
  • With an angle adjustment device, whether it is a conical type or a simple cylindrical type


Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Explore Cylindrical UV Printing Core Technologies

SUBLISTAR’s independently developed new high-speed cylindrical digital inkjet printer can achieve 360° rotating printing, support seamless, 3D relief, high drop and other forms of printing, and print speed as fast as 80 seconds per piece. It supports a variety of printing materials, such as cups, wine bottles, golf balls, cans, etc., with good adhesion.

360° uv printing

360° Rotary UV Printing

360° spiral printing technology, the software adds a seamless splicing algorithm, and after setting the size, it is easy to achieve a seamless docking effect.

High Print Resolution

Adopt Epson i1600-U1 print head, high precision up to 2880dpi, long service life, CMYK+white+varnish, rich colors and natural transition.

cylinder UV printer

Super Fast Printing

CMYK + W + Varnish printing at the same time, and the printing speed is as fast as 80 seconds per piece, which is suitable for mass production mode.

3D Relief Process Effect

Special color relief function, based on the same white and color ink printing. Increase the white ink multiple to achieve the relief effect.

Professional Features - Digital Cylinder UV Printer

epson i1600 print head

Variable Ink Drop Technology

Even the monochrome gradient effect can be performed well, the transition is natural, the ink dots are delicate, and the pattern is clear.

Easy Operation

Multi-diameter cylindrical fixtures meet the printing needs of various products, and the bottle adjustment fixture is equipped with scale adjustment, which is more convenient to operate.

Stable Ink Supply System

Adopt siphon positive pressure ink supply system, the ink supply is more stable, the secondary ink cartridge and the bottom plate have heating function, and intelligent temperature control makes printing more secure.

Powerful High-Drop Printing

Support 8mm high drop printing, laser automatically measures the product shape, achieves precise positioning, and easily and perfectly prints special-shaped products.

cylindrical UV printing

Various Print Size Available

Printing length 0-240mm, printing diameter 55-180mm, meet the needs of various types of products such as thermos cups, cylindrical electronic products, wine bottles, etc., with a wide range of applications.

cylindrical UV printing

Wide Usage With Good Adhesion

Support a variety of printing materials, whether conical or cylindrical, transparent or opaque, it can be perfectly printed on glass cups, water bottles, candles, golf balls, baseballs, food cans and other objects with good adhesion.

Product Specifications - Cylindrical UV Printer

Printer Name Cylinder Digital UV Printer 
Printer ModelDCP-80
Printing Resolution720DPI-2880DPI
Number Of Print Head3PCS 
Print HeadEpson I1600 Print Head
Ink ModeCMYK+W+V
Print Size 0-240mm Length, 55-180mm Diameter, 12° Taper
Ink System Siphon positive pressure ink supply system
Ink TypeEco UV Curing ink
File Format TIFF,JPEG,ESP, PDF,etc
Interface TypeHigh-speed 3.0 USB cable 
Working EnvironmentTemperature:15-30℃, Humidity:30%-70%
Platform JigSpecial printing fixture
Printer Size 1340*480*730mm
Rated Power1300W
Curing System Intelligent segmented controllable UV curing system
RIP Software RIP
Machine Weight 134kg

Epson I1600-U1 Print Head for High Droplet Printing

I-Series Printheads: Sublistar cylinder UV printer is equipped with three Epson I1600-U1 print heads. A cost-effective 1.33-inch-wide MEMS head series providing high productivity and high image quality with 600 dpi high-density resolution. Supports high drop printing up to 9mm at the same time.

Epson i1600 U1 print head
Compatible inkUV Ink
Dimensions(WidthxDepthx Height)69.1mm x 59.4mm x 35.6mm
Nozzle Numbers1600
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300
Nozzle Row4 rows
Max color/head4 colors
Resolution300npi/row, 600npi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Binary5 pl(43.2kHz)
3 levels
grey scale
6,12.5 pl(21.6kHz)
4 levels
 grey scale
3.8,6.2,9.3 pl(21.6kHz)
Viscosity range(mPa.s)5-7 mPa・s

Take your Personalized printing business to the next level

SUBLISTAR Cylinder UV printer is a printer specially designed for printing round objects, with a wide range of applications and no material restrictions, such as stainless steel metal thermos cups, wine bottles, cosmetic bottles, tea cans, cans, etc. used in daily life.


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