Desktop Roll to Roll UV DTF Printer UV-30R Star VI

UV-30R STAR VI roll to roll UV DTF sticker printer enabling users to create customized designs and patterns for various applications. The UV curing process ensures durability and long-lasting prints, while the small size makes it suitable for both home and small business use.

Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: Epson I3200-U1HD print head.
  • Print Size: 300mm.
  • Print Speed: 5m2/h.
  • Ink Type: ECO-UV Curing Ink.

Top Features:

  • White+color+varnish printing at the same time, bright color, wear-resistant, and not fade.
  • High-quality output, all kinds of small crystal labeling transfer good effect.
  • Roll-to-roll printing, automatic laminating, no manual labor, energy saving, and high efficiency.
  • White ink circulation effectively prevents white ink precipitation and ensures smooth printing.
  • Light-weight design, perfect for small DIY customization business.
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Explore Entry-level UV DTF Solutions

Print on demand is a brilliant low-cost new business model since it requires minimal initial investment and virtually no inventory management or storage. 30R STAR VI this model UV DTF printer is an entry-level desktop device, perfectly suitable for DIY newbie user. Widely used for DIY on Glass, Leather, Metal, Acrylic etc materials.

Desktop uv dtf printer

Lightweight design

Entry-level desktop UV DTF roll to roll printer, widely suitable for small customized printing business.

all-in-one uv dtf

Print & Lanmination all-in-one

Experience the convenience of printing & laminating in one process, easy to operate.

uv dtf printing

Print White, Color ink, Vanish at one time

4 Colors ink + White & Varnish print simultaneously, the printing is faster and the effect is better.

uv dtf printing

No deflect when printing

Film feeding and lamination are accurate, and the product will not deflect during printing.

epson HD3200

High resolution Epson HD3200 print head

High-precision Epson HD-3200 Print head, no calibration required, more stable and newbie-friendly

low cost, high profit

Low investment, high profit

Small desktop UV DTF printer, creating a print on demand business, a brilliant low-cost new business model.


Print HeadEpson I3200-U1HD*1
Print head number1 pcs
Nozzle spray force range2-3mm
Number of nozzles3200 (Individual)
Distance between nozzles1/300 inch
Number of nozzle rows8
Maximum number of supported ink colors8
Effective print width297*420mm 
Print Width30CM
Print MethodW+C M Y BK +Vanish print at same time
Print Resolution 960x1200dpi
SoftwareFuture Rip
Machine Size950x540x450mm
VoltageAC220/110±10, 50HZ~60HZ
File FormatTiff,Jpg,Eps,Pdf,Png,AI,Psd
Working EnvironmentTemperature 20℃-28℃; 
Humidity 35%-65%
Ink Type/ Ink ColorEco-UV Curing Ink,C M Y BK W + V
ApplicationsGlass/ Acrylic/ Metal/ Wood/ Crystal/ Plastic/ Leather/ PVC/ etc materials

Epson I3200-U1HD Print Head

The Epson I3200-U1 HD is a cost-effective 1.33 inch-wide providing higher nozzle resolution than the existing I3200-U1 with up to 1200 nozzles per inch. This printhead is suitable for UV inks.

With up to 8 rows of ink supply channels, more free color configuration is possible. By arranging the same colors in the vicinity, the accuracy of placement is improved and more high-definition image quality is realized.

EPSON hd3200 print head
Compatible inkUV Ink
Dimensions(WidthxDepthx Height)69.1 x 59.4 x 35.6 mm
Nozzle Numbers3200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300
Nozzle Row8 rows
Max color/head8 colors
Resolution300 npi/row, 600 npi/2 rows, 1200 npi/4 rows
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Binary6 plat 43.2 kHz
3 levels
grey scale
6.3, 12.3 pl at 21.6 kHz
4 levels
 grey scale
3.8, 6.1, 9.4 pl at 21.6 kHz
Viscosity range(mPa.s)2.2-3.8 mPa·s

UV DTF 30R STAR VI Working Process

UV DTF 30R STAR VI printer

Take your DIY printing business to the next level

In today’s rapidly changing market, unique and personalized product packaging design is receiving more and more attention. UV DTF printer is revolutionizing the traditional printing and packaging industry with its high-quality visual effects and practicality. UV DTF stickers can be applied to different materials, such as plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, etc. Create relief effects on flat materials, adding 3D and visual effects to the work. They can provide visual texture and touch. It can also make the work more attractive.

BUY UV DTF Machine GET Supplies for Free !

Customers who purchase any Sublistar UV machine will receive the highest quality UV DTF starter kit for free!
The 30R STAR-VI UV DTF Starter Kit includes:
UV DTF A film: 1 roll (30cm*100m)
UV DTF B film: 1 rolls (30cm*100m)
UV DTF Ink: 1set (1000ml*6 C M Y BK, W, V)
Sublistar UV DTF Rip Software
Sublistar UV DTF Instructional Video

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