UV DTF Printer – Star IV 30R Roll to Roll

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New roll printing method, automatic laminating, no extra laminator operation, more labor-saving.
Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: Epson I1600-U1 / I3200-U1HD print heads.
  • Print Size: 300mm.
  • Print Speed: 5m2/h.
  • Ink Type: ECO-UV Curing Ink.

Top Features:

  • White+color+varnish printing at the same time, bright color, wear-resistant, and not fade.
  • High-quality output, all kinds of small crystal labeling transfer good effect.
  • Roll-to-roll printing, automatic laminating, no manual labor, energy saving, and high efficiency.
  • White ink circulation effectively prevents white ink precipitation and ensures smooth printing.
  • Small designs are customized in bulk, and small prints are textured.
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Flexibility, Durability

Star IV 30R Roll To Roll UV DTF Printer desktop machine, space-saving, without the aid of a laminator, one person can complete the entire printing process. It supports a variety of hard material transfer, strong transfer, cut-resistant, and colorfast.

Low Investment and High Profits

A3 desktop UV DTF printer is more suitable for customization. If you want to make high profits in the digital printing industry without making large deposits, you can do some customized business with Sublistar A3 UV DTF printers.

Combine Printing and Laminating All in One 

The new A3 UV DTF STAR IV 30R roll-to-roll printer combines printing and laminating all in one. It helps eliminate the need for a laminator to work twice as one machine can print A film and laminate B film automatically at the same time.

Support Gold/Silver Stamping Program

Small UV 30R roll-to-roll printer can realize the effect of hot stamping gold and silver, and at the same time, realize 3D relief three-dimensional feeling, so that the overall transfer effect presents a sense of high class and luxury, to achieve customer satisfaction with the transfer effect.

4 Colors + White & Varnish Print Simultaneously

The varnish printing area is as smooth as a mirror without bumps and bubbles. High-quality varnish output has stronger adhesion and abrasion resistance. Therefore, the printed patterns will not fade with eternal brightness.

Professional Features - Star IV 30R UV DTF Printer

Ink Supply System

Ink Supply System

With a large ink cartridge, the Sublistar A3 UV DTF printer can print patterns with bright colors. In the printing process, the white and colorful inks as well as varnish output simultaneously, making the production more convenient.

Mute Motor and Rail

Mute Motor and Rail

High-precision and mute rails make the printing smooth with low noise and a better operating environment.

Waste Ink Alarm

When the waste ink bottle is full, the monitoring device will make an alarm sound: a device for storing waste ink. When the waste ink is full, there will be an audible alarm prompt.

White Ink Stirrer

White Ink Stirrer

The component that derives the circulation of white ink. Please make sure that the stirrer is still running when the printer is turned off. It effectively avoids white ink settling and makes the printer start and works faster next time.

Product Specifications - Star IV 30R UV DTF Printer

Item ModelUV STAR IV-30R
Print NozzleEPSON I3200-U1HD / I1600-U1
Print Accuracy/Speed6pass:5m2/h; 8pass:3m2/h; 12pass:1.5m2/h
Ink TypeEco-UV Curing Ink
Maximum Width300mm
Print MediaUV DTF Film
Print InterfaceRJ45 cable interface
RIP SoftwareHemo Driver/Maintop6.1 /Photoprint/Print Factory
VoltageAC110V+/- 10%. AC220V+/-10%. 50/60+/HZ
Operating EnvironmentsTemperature:20°C-35°C; Humidity:35%RH-65%RH
Dimensions Of Printer(LxWxH)984 x 1053 x 525mm
Dimensions Of Packing(LxWxH)1100 x 1153 x625mm
Net Weight90KG
Gross Weight130KG

Epson I3200-U1HD(8) UV Print Head

The Epson I3200-U1 HD is a cost-effective 1.33 inch-wide providing higher nozzle resolution than the existing I3200-U1 with up to 1200 nozzles per inch. This printhead is suitable for UV inks.

With up to 8 rows of ink supply channels, more free color configuration is possible. By arranging the same colors in the vicinity, the accuracy of placement is improved and more high-definition image quality is realized.

EPSON hd3200 print head
Compatible inkUV Ink
Dimensions(WidthxDepthx Height)69.1 x 59.4 x 35.6 mm
Nozzle Numbers3200
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300
Nozzle Row8 rows
Max color/head8 colors
Resolution300 npi/row, 600 npi/2 rows, 1200 npi/4 rows
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Binary6 plat 43.2 kHz
3 levels
grey scale
6.3, 12.3 pl at 21.6 kHz
4 levels
 grey scale
3.8, 6.1, 9.4 pl at 21.6 kHz
Viscosity range(mPa.s)2.2-3.8 mPa·s

Epson I1600-U1 Print Head for High Droplet Printing

I-Series Printheads: Sublistar UV-STAR IV printer can equipped with three pcs Epson I1600-U1 print heads. A cost-effective 1.33-inch-wide MEMS head series providing high productivity and high image quality with 600 dpi high-density resolution. Supports high drop printing up to 9mm at the same time.

It is Epson genuine printhead, designed as an oil-based head. The stability is moderate and it is widely accepted by the market. It is mainly used for small environmentally friendly solvent ink printers or roller UV printers.


Compatible inkUV Ink
Dimensions(WidthxDepthx Height)69.1mm x 59.4mm x 35.6mm
Nozzle Numbers1600
Length Between Nozzles(inch)1/300
Nozzle Row4 rows
Max color/head4 colors
Resolution300npi/row, 600npi/2row
Effective Printing Width(mm)33.8
Binary5 pl(43.2kHz)
3 levels
grey scale
6,12.5 pl(21.6kHz)
4 levels
 grey scale
3.8,6.2,9.3 pl(21.6kHz)
Viscosity range(mPa.s)5-7 mPa・s

Star IV 30R Printing Process

Design Pattern

Use Photoshop, Illustrator, or other software to design your pattern.

Print Your Design on A Film

Print your design on print film (A Film).

Laminated B Film

Laminate the transfer film (Film B) on the top of printed film (Film A).


Cut UV DTF crystal labels

Paste on Object

Stick UV DTF sticker on substrates, and slowly peel the backing film off.

Gold/Silver Stamping Program Showcase - UV 30R DTF Printer

Gold Silver Stamping Program Showcase

UV 30R STAR IV Roll-to-Roll UV DTF printer supports high luxury customization, custom hot stamping gold or silver, good transfer effect, high gloss, and metallic color effect.

It can be applied on all kinds of regular or irregular hard surfaces, such as hot-stamping tea cans, hot-stamping pens, hot-stamping cell phone cases, etc.

It can also be applied on paper surfaces and can be applied on paper surfaces, and can be applied on paper surfaces. At the same time can be applied to paper surfaces, such as luxury packaging paper bags, senior manager business cards, or other treasured notebooks.

Star IV 30R UV DTF Printer Applications

Different customers will use UV printers to print different products. Sublistar roll UV DTF printer is mainly used for Toys, Acrylic, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Phone Cases, Keychains, Ceramic Tiles, Metal, Packaging Bags, Luggage, Fountain Pen, Crystal Trophy, etc. What industries are Roll UV printers used in? For example, the toy industry, advertising and signage market, home decoration, and furniture market, personalized gift market, etc.

Gold Silver stamping
Business Card
wood uv printing
plastic cups
glass uv printing
Gold Silver stamping
Phone Cases
Ceramic Tiles
metal uv
Gold Silver stamping
Gift Bags
Gold Silver stamping
Paper Tins
Fountain Pen
Crystal Trophy
Crystal Trophy


Q: Can a UV printer print on any object?
A: UV printers can print on many different substrates, including wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather, PET, acrylic, glass, etc. (Due to the limited adhesion of uv inks, smooth surfaces such as mirrors, glass, etc. need to be coated layer).

Q: Is UV printing scratch-resistant? Is it washable?
A: With sublistar’s UV ink, the finished product is waterproof and fade-resistant, and the printed surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

Q: Does UV printing need a heat press?
A: UV printing uses specialized UV inks. UV LEDs instead of heat cure the ink onto the print media during printing. No need for a heat press

Q: What can UV flatbed printers print?
A: The UV flatbed machine can print on almost any flat material such as mobile phone cases, medals, packaging boxes, leather, wood, ceramics, promotional items, pvc, etc. With the jig, it can also be printed on curved surfaces, such as cups, golf balls, etc.

Q: What is the difference between UV printer and UV DTF printer?
A: UV printers print on substrates directly while UV DTF printers print on AB films first, and then attach to the substrates. UV DTF printer is extended from UV printer to make up for the shortcomings of UV printing.

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