Flatbed UV Printer – Star VI 6090

UV-6090F Star-VI — Latest UV printing technology, delivering unparalleled precision and quality. Intelligent environmentally friendly digital inkjet flatbed UV printer, which is equipped with three Brother-B570 print heads (2400 DPI/color), high resolution, can achieve up to 4 color output, fast speed, good quality, and durable. Widely suitable material types such as glass, plates, various signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, leather plastic, etc.

Technical Highlights:

  • Print Head: Brother B570 Printhead
  • Max Print Size: 600mm*900mm
  • Max Print Speed: 5m2/h
  • Ink Type: ECO-UV Curing Ink
  • Print Mode: C, M,Y, K+W+Varnish

Top Features:

  • LED UV light to cure/dry UV ink immediately
  • Vacuum table, movable control panel
  • Upgraded stable capping system to lock the print head to avoid color missing from the print head
  • White ink circulation system
  • Ink heat system to keep it warm to have better printing quality
Warranty: 24 months (Ink system, printheads and ink capping are not covered)
International Shipping: DHL,FedEx,By Air,By Sea

Product Highlight

Profitable UV Printing Starts Here

UV-6090F Star-VI UV flatbed UV printer, equipped with three Brother-B570 print heads, stable printing performance, and easier operation, enables many more business opportunities, like printing on customized gifts, paintings, etc.

high precsion

High Precision

auto control

Intelligent Operation


Stable Performance


High Speed


Multi-layer Printing

print head

High-performance Brother-B570 Printhead

High resolution (2400dpi/color), good durability, with fast speed, good quality and high ink-jet force.

High-Precision Vacuum Suction Platform

Adsorption platform made of high-strength aluminum alloy plate, the turbofan under the platform absorbs air through the holes to fix the material.


Independent Ink Ejection Device

Supports timing ink jetting, effectively prevents ink from solidifying in the ink system and prevents nozzles from clogging.


Intelligent Touch & Anti-collision System

The bottom of the ink truck is equipped with an anti-collision sensor device to protect the nozzle and product from being scratched.

UV Lamp Protective Cover

Emergency stop when opening the cover during work, Protect eyes from UV light.

ink supply system

Siphon Ink Supply System

Ink supply is smooth and stable without splashing ink droplets, and completely solves the problem of no ink supply to the nozzle.


Friendly Software Interface

Including calibration, the operation is provided with detailed instructions, newbie friendly.


Engineer Settings Open

Meet the customization and personalized printing settings of professionals.

Product Specifications -UV-6090F STAR VI

Product Name Flatbed UV Printer 
Model No. UV-6090F STAR VI
Print Technology Print Technology UV LED Inkjet Printing
Print Head Brother B570(Water-cooled)
Ink system CISS (500ml per cartridge)
Print Quality Resolution 720*2400dpi (ICC profile provided)
Size 600mm x 900mm (23.6″ * 35.4″)
Height Max 18cm (7.09″)
Speed 1.64-5.1 sqm per hour
Ink & Material UV ink Flat materials eg. PVC card,wooden card, plastic card, metal card, paper card, name card box etc
Electrical Spec. Power 245W
Voltage 110V / 220V
Packing N.W./G.W. 194kg / 347kg
Printer Size L1611 x W1724 x H786mm=2.183cbm
Packing Size L1910 x W1810 x H1060mm=3.66cbm
Packing Fumigation-Free  Wooden Case
Brother B570 Technical Data Sheet
Width*Depth*Height 69.1*64.5*49mm
Weight 141g
Effective print width 35.56mm(1.4 inch)
Nozzle rows 24 rows
Max. number of color inks 4 colors
Number of nozzle 1680(420 * 4 colors)
Print resolution 720*2400dpi
Driving mode Piezoelectric
Grey levels 4 levels
Heating function No heating function,the thermistor on the print head cable to detect the temperature.
Internal filter Yes
Spray direction  Down
Maximum frequency 32K
Spray speed 7m/s
Drop volume 4PL–20PL
Viscosity range 3.0-8.0 mPa・s
Ink tension 22-35mN/m
Ink type Water-based ink/ Solvent ink/ UV ink
Temperature environment 20℃-30℃
Humidity environment 35%-65%
Supply voltage range 10-32V
Features 1. Small fonts are printed clearly, and the ink dots are precise and delicate
2. Accurate color registration, delicate edges, sharp and no flying ink
3. Excellent heat resistance, no need traditional repeated maintenance, has good durability, large ink volume, and strong jet force.
4. The nozzle adopts multi-layer PZT technology, precision machined, has a long service life and is not easy to clog.
5. Small ink dots are 5pl, large ink dots are more than 20pl, with high precision, high color saturation, bright colors and good layering.
6. The nozzle performs particularly well in the field of UV printing, supporting  printing on a variety of materials such as acrylic, PVC, ceramic products, wood products, and iron products.
7. The nozzle supports water-based, oil-based, UV and other inks.
8. The nozzle can be equipped with an optional heating function, which is suitable for constant temperature and high-viscosity inks.

Application of UV Printing

UV 6090F STAR-VI Flatbed UV printers can be used on a huge variety of materials/substrates. Some of these include Perspex, plastics, wood, glass, tiles, metals, paper, cardboard etc.

Exclusive Offer: BUY 1 Get More

Customers who purchase any Sublistar UV machine will receive the highest quality UV DTF starter kit for free!
The UV DTF Starter Kit includes:
UV DTF A film: 1 roll (300mm/600mm*100m)
UV DTF B film: 1 rolls (300mm/600mm*100m)
UV DTF Ink: 1set (1000ml*6 c,m,y,k,w,gl)
Sublistar UV DTF Rip Software
Sublistar UV DTF Instructional Video

UV printing accessories


Q: Can a UV printer print on any object?
A: UV printers can print on many different substrates, including wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, leather, PET, acrylic, glass, etc. (Due to the limited adhesion of UV inks, smooth surfaces such as mirrors, glass, etc. need to be coated layer).

Q: Is UV printing scratch-resistant? Is it washable?
A: With sublistar’s UV ink, the finished product is waterproof and fade-resistant, and the printed surface is scratch-resistant and durable.

Q: Does UV printing need a heat press?
A: UV printing uses specialized UV inks. UV LEDs instead of heat cure the ink onto the print media during printing. No need for a heat press

Q: What can UV flatbed printers print?
A: The UV flatbed machine can print on almost any flat material such as mobile phone cases, medals, packaging boxes, leather, wood, ceramics, promotional items, pvc, etc. With the jig, it can also be printed on curved surfaces, such as cups, golf balls, etc.

Q: What is the difference between UV printer and UV DTF printer?
A: UV printers print on substrates directly while UV DTF printers print on AB films first, and then attach to the substrates. UV DTF printer is extended from UV printer to make up for the shortcomings of UV printing.


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