UV Curable Ink For UV DTF Printer - Fast Dry, Scratch & Water Resistant


UV ink is specially formulated for our UV printer series. 

Ink Type: UV Curable Ink

Ink Color: C M Y BK W

Ink Capacity: 1000ML/Bottle



  • No glue, no waste
  • AB film glue upgrade, high-temperature resistance
  • Easy to stick, easy to peel off
UV ink

Why Choose SUBLISTAR UV Curable Ink? 


High quality raw material
Waterproof and moisture-proof
Strong adhesion
Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Features Of UV DTF Printing

Brighter color, No burrs



Strong adhesion & Scratch resistance


Waterproof & Moisture-proof


High temperature resistance


Adhesion Method Of UV Curable Ink:

Wide Applications Of UV Ink:

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly UV ink, that can be cured and adhered by UV light (ultraviolet rays) irradiation. Instant dry output lead time can be greatly shortened. It can be printed on various non-absorbent materials such as resin, glass, and metal. From trinkets to large-scale installations, architecture, and industrial design, ideas can take shape perfectly.

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