UV Printing On Acrylic


Acrylic is an early-developed thermoplastic and a common printing medium for UV printers. In daily life, we often see acrylic, such as light boxes, signs, billboards, etc. As the market share of UV flatbed printers gradually increases, acrylic materials with personalized patterns are widely used in DIY customization, advertising, exhibitions, home decoration and building materials and other industries.

Advantages of Acrylic UV Print

High Efficient Printing

Fast printing speed, suitable for batch processing, pattern ink dries quickly. Brighter colors, clearer and more accurate printing, printing relief effect such as 3D, etc.

Cost Saving

No need to make plates, you can print directly with drawings. acrylic UV printing also has the advantage of fast drying. It can cure the ink immediately within a few seconds, avoiding the time required to wait for the ink to dry in traditional printing technology. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces production costs caused by long waiting time.

High Durability

The images printed by acrylic UV are durable and not easy to fade and wear. In addition, it can also achieve seamless printing, making the image more beautiful and delicate. In the commercial and industrial fields, acrylic UV printing technology is also widely used in printing advertisements, logos, exhibits and industrial products.

Printing on Acrylic Stands, Signs, and Displays

Acrylic is a good flat plate material. UV flatbed printers have bright colors and rich graphic layers. Widely used in printing advertisements, logos, exhibits, signs, corporate culture display boards, etc.

Personalized UV Printing On Acrylic For Promotions

Acrylic UV printing can achieve high-precision and high-quality printing effects, and the printed pattern can remain bright and clear for a long time. UV printing on Acrylic can also achieve personalized customized printing to meet the personalized needs of different customers, such as key rings, cartoon character standees, medals, and other materials.

Print Directly on Acrylic with Flatbed UV Printer

The SUBLISTAR flatbed UV printer can print directly brilliant graphics onto full sheets of acrylic with high-productivity and precision. Customize acrylic media and products with vivid color.

Flexible Hybrid UV Printing On Acrylic

SUBLISTAR Desktop 3040H hybrid UV flatbed with roll to roll printer, can directly customize small Acrylic items for promotion, also support UV DTF sticker sheet printing for Acrylic materials transfer.

Print UV DTF Stickers For Acrylic Transfer

UV DTF 30R/60R STAR IV roll-to-roll printer combines printing and laminating all in one. highly efficient process From design to delivery. Perfect adhesion on Acrylic beyond.

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