UV Printing On Canvas


Are you looking for a printer for canvas printing? Do you want a simpler and more direct way to print art canvas or print photos on canvas? Do you want to make personalized canvas printing in a more economical way? If the answer is “yes”, then congratulations, UV inkjet printing will be the most direct way. Print directly onto ready-made canvas with the SUBLISTAR UV-6090F STAR V flatbed printer.

Personalized UV Printing On Canvas

Canvas is a thick cotton or linen fabric, named after its original use for sails. Canvas is usually divided into two categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas. Coarse canvas, also known as tarpaulin, is a strong and foldable fabric with good water-blocking properties. It is used for automobile transportation and covering open-air warehouses, as well as for setting up civilian tents in the wild; fine canvas is used to make labor protection work clothes and supplies, and can also be used as fabrics for shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. after coloring. In addition, there are rubber canvas, shielding canvas for fire and radiation protection, and canvas for papermaking machines. Different types of canvas have different application industries, such as indoor and outdoor advertising banners, canvas paintings, light box cloth, outdoor tents, etc.

UV printing on canvas allows for a wide variety of images, with endless possibilities due to the use of CMYK+W inks that can reproduce any color, resulting in stunning full-color graphics.

UV Printing On Painting Art

Printed canvas is becoming increasingly popular for family portraits, wedding photography, and various other uses, surpassing traditional printed photos. The advantages of printed canvases include cost savings, enhanced durability, no glare (no glass required), and a variety of sizes. In addition, printed canvases are much cheaper than framing photos of the same size. Custom framing costs can vary greatly, and beautiful works often cost hundreds of dollars or more.
In the workplace, the use of printed canvases can have a positive impact on the environment. They provide a simple visual effect that can increase working efficiency, and create a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere. Canvas art in the office can be customized with company mottos, principles, team photos, product displays, and more.

Gallery-quality Art Reproduction

Artwork is a popular choice, ranging from valuable investments to works that nourish the soul. In addition, photos and printed canvas are often used as decoration. 
Print gallery-quality art, design or photography works. When an exact reproduction of the original artwork is critical, SUBLISTAR UV flatbed machines provide the solution you need for realistic colors and crisp imagery. UV printing has fine patterns, rich and clear layers, high artistry, strong three-dimensional effects, and can print patterns in photographic and painting styles.

canvas painting

Lightbox Cloth HD Image Quality UV Print

Lightbox canvas for UV printing and spraying has good light transmittance, high flatness, can withstand typhoons above level 12, and can maintain good condition outdoors for a long time. The pictures printed by UV printing look very textured, noble and high-end. The lighting effect at night is clear, the colors are bright and soft, pure.

Outdoor & Indoor Canvas Customized UV Printing

Since UV curing ink can be directly printed on various materials and is environmentally friendly, it can completely replace traditional outdoor advertising inkjet equipment and indoor photo printing, and is widely used in indoor home decoration. Mainly indoor and outdoor banners, advertising paintings, display boards, signs, light boxes, etc.

UV flatbed printer can be applied in advertising industry

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