UV Printing On Glass


In the glass industry, there are two ways to print patterns on glass, one is screen printing and the other is UV printing. Glass screen printing is to make a screen according to the customer’s drawings. When printing, the ink is transferred to the glass through the mesh of the graphic part through the extrusion of the scraper. The color types of screen printing are relatively few, because screen printing glass can only print one color at a time. If you need to print multiple colors, you need to produce multiple screens to print different colors separately, while UV printing can print it out at one time. There is no need to make another screen, only need to draw the computer picture.
Screen printing glass cannot produce gradient colors, UV printing can print excellent colorful and beautiful graphics, and gradient colors can be printed out in one time.
Glass screen printing is generally used on electronic products with relatively high requirements for screen printing, which can ensure that the ink will not fall off for a long time. UV printing is often used on some home glass decorations, such as sliding doors, to bring beautiful visual enjoyment to our homes.

Personalized Printing on Glass

With the development of UV printing technology, UV printers continue to try new printing materials and develop new application solutions. UV printed glass has become very popular and common.
Through UV printing technology, glass has various effects such as patterns, colors, designs, and shapes, combining art with glass. Its gorgeousness and luxury are favored by consumers, becoming a new highlight of modern decorative materials, and the market is calling for it.

glass uv printing

Advantages of UV Glass Objects Print


Glass UV flatbed printers can not only print various flat patterns on glass, but also print relief, varnish and other effects. The most important thing is that it can meet the needs of different customers and realize personalized printing.

Simple operation

Compared with the traditional printing process, the current operation process is much simpler. A computer and a simple PS worker are enough. It not only saves labor costs, but also improves work efficiency, which has been recognized by most business owners.

Multi-Color printing

Traditional screen glass printing has limitations on color. It can only print one color at a time, and cannot produce gradient colors. UV printing can print excellent colorful and beautiful graphics, and gradient colors can be printed in one go.

Explore The Stained Glass Art With UV Print

There are two main types of stained glass today, one is achieved by modern digital printing, and the other is the traditional method of pure hand painting.
UV flatbed printers print patterns directly on ordinary glass and tempered glass. The colors are bright with high clarity, reaching the level of high-definition photos, and the gradient color effect is outstanding.
I have always felt that stained glass is a very interesting art form. Whenever I pass by a building or church decorated with stained glass windows, I am always deeply attracted by it. Stained glass often contains a lot of colors and complex designs, which is a very eye-catching art form. It is both art and handicrafts. To make these lighting decorations, not only artistic talent is required, but also considerable engineering skills are required to assemble them. Nowadays, stained glass is widely used in background walls, partition glass, painting decoartion, churches, etc.

Variety of craft shapes

UV printing technology can print exquisite pictures on quartz glass, frosted glass, white glass, ultra-thin glass, tempered glass, etc., which can not only achieve 3D stereoscopic effect, but also add varnish to the picture. In addition, when the glass and bottom surface treatment are different, such as frosting, cloth texture, water pattern, etc., the pattern changes are more.

3D relief uv printing

Combining decoration and functionality

As a kind of decorative material, UV printed glass maintains the original crystal clearness of glass, and with various exquisite patterns and beautiful colors, it is not only conducive to lighting, but also can perfectly connect indoor and outdoor landscapes, achieving a spacious, bright and free feeling.

More flexible and personalized

Personalized customization allows you to flexibly choose patterns according to your personal preferences.

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Practical and environmentally friendly

Glass itself is an environmentally friendly material, and glass products are easy to clean. Just wipe it lightly and it will be as clean as new. When UV printing on glass, be sure to choose environmentally friendly ink.

360° UV Print On Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmetic glass bottles, and perfume bottle customization, UV printing is a common glass printing process, whether UV direct inkjet pritning or hot stamping process, SUBLISTAR UV printer can provide unparalleled printing effects.

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