UV Printing On Leather


Leather printing is a typical application case of UV flatbed printers. With the development of society and changes in aesthetics, people’s fashion concepts are constantly changing, and the demand and love for personalized leather printing products are also growing. Inkjet printing technology is constantly developing, making leather printing no longer a problem. A high-precision, high-speed UV flatbed printer is enough to meet such personalized consumer needs. 

Common leather varieties include PVC leather, cow leather, soft leather, synthetic leather, and PU leather. In the production process of using a UV printer to print leather, the corresponding ink should be selected according to the softness and hardness of the leather material. Generally speaking, soft inks are often used for soft leather materials to meet the requirements of flexibility. For hard leather materials, hard inks are generally used to increase the wear resistance of the surface. Of course, some leathers will use neutral UV ink.

Why Choosing UV Printing For Leather?

Rich and delicate Color Transition

Using variable ink drop technology, color printing leather with UV printer can achieve high-precision reduction of color printing patterns and fine effect of pattern conversion, support relief effect, and realize tactile and visual differences in different color printing areas.

High Color Fastness For Long-term Use

Using UV printing on leather, the cured ink is extremely stable, has high color fastness, is resistant to scratches on printed patterns, and is wear-resistant, which can achieve long-term use of leather patterns without fading or falling off.

Meet High Efficient Personalized Printing

Leather UV printing does not require plate making, and UV ink dries immediately after printing, reducing time and costs. The function of batch color printing can complete the unified color printing of multiple leathers or the different color printing of each leather in the same batch.

Personalized UV Printing On Soft Furnishings

Leather itself is the “face value” of soft furnishing materials! It has a wide variety of colors and its texture has a natural beauty and elegant touch, which makes many soft furnishing materials feel ashamed in front of leather. Leather can be applied to most businesses in the soft furnishing industry, such as bedroom paintings, background walls and bedside soft covers, leather chairs etc. The SUBLISTAR flatbed UV printer uses an advanced printing process to print designs onto leather, making it simple and efficient while ensuring that the final product retains the texture and feel of leather.

UV Print On Fashion Leather Items

Leather is not only a material, but also a culture and an art. We see the infinite possibilities of leather in the fashion world, from classic formal shoes to modern casual accessories, each piece is a tribute to leather craftsmanship and a leader in fashion trends. For the fashion field, the UV-6090F STAR V series UV printer can produce bags, shoes or other personalized fashion items.

UV Print For Outdoor Sports

Nowadays, some ball sports products are still made of leather, such as baseball, football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, etc. The physical property requirements are very different from those of shoe leather and sofa leather, and require a high degree of tear and puncture resistance. sex. UV digital printing is undoubtedly the most common and most efficient printing method.

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