UV Printing On Metal


How do you print metal (aluminum plate, stainless steel)? SUBLISTAR universal UV printer is a UV printing device that can print on metal (aluminum plate, stainless steel). Direct computer output, no need to print film, and of course no need professional manual operation. UV color printing costs nearly half that of traditional printing machines, and it has a digital photo-level color printing effect!

Customized Printing On Metal

With the growing demand for digitalization and personalization, UV printers, as new digital printing equipment, have gradually become a new trend in the digital printing industry. Universal UV printers have a wide range of applications in the printing industry. With the increasing demand for personalization, they can be printed on various metal products, such as pet dog tags, business cards, medals, stainless steel cups, key chains, decorative paintings, etc., and the printing effect is delicate, colorful, high image quality, wear resistance, light resistance, etc., thus meeting the personalized needs of different groups of people for products.

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Advantages of UV Metal Objects Print

Easy Operation

It does not require plate making, plate exposure, and repeated color registration steps. To use a UV printer, you only need to prepare an ordinary computer. One operator can perform printing operations completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple and can be obtained immediately. The operator's experience requirement is low, as long as he understands simple image processing software.

Color Transition

Traditional printing methods, such as screen printing, have single colors and simple transition colors. However, many products require printing of high-precision and high-complexity patterns such as trademarks and logos, and the application in the gift and handicraft industries is more extensive.

High Precision

The surface UV printing effect is realistic, the gloss is good, the smooth feel is realistic, the color effect is bright, and there is no radiation and harmful substances

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Photo Impact Printing On Metal Aluminum Panel Decoration

UV metal printers can perform high-quality printing on various metal surfaces, such as metal paintings, metal sculptures and other artworks. This technology can achieve high-quality production of artworks and increase the added value of artworks.
Printed at very high resolution using direct UV-LED printing, UV Direct Aluminum prints deliver crystalline clarity and bold, bright colors. The UV curing process secures our high-quality inks to the surface of your aluminum panel, creating vibrancy in your images like never before. Plus, these panels are built to stand up to almost anything – resistant to fading, warping, light moisture, and cracking, and can thrive indoors and outdoors for years.

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Recessed & 3D Relief Effect On Metal

UV printing uses UV (ultraviolet) light to harden the ink immediately when printing, eliminating the need for drying time or making film. Compared with screen printing or offset printing, it is more suitable for small batch production. In addition, UV printing overcomes the problems of traditional screen printing or offset printing, which cannot print on embossed or 3D surfaces.

UV DTF Sticker Print On Metal Objects

In addition to direct UV printing, UV DTF sticker printing is one of the most effective ways to add graphics to metal. It is an essential method of graphic application if you need to add graphics to vehicles, fixed metal surfaces, small metal signs, and a wide range of other applications. When choosing a machine to print on AB film, a wide range of reliable and efficient roll-to-roll UV DTF printers and cutters provide the highest quality prints.
UV DTF printing on metal with the SUBLISTAR 6090F is an affordable and easy way to personalize titanium, platinum, silver, copper and gold items. Users can print photographic images and logo branding onto gifts.

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