UV Printing On Silicone


Nowadays, UV printing is a new popular way of silicone printing. You can freely customize color patterns on silicone products using a UV printer. The printing cost is also reduced, no plate making and film is required, the production cycle is fast, and it dries immediately after printing.
UV printers are widely used in the silicone industry. Common products including: watch straps, mobile phone cases, earphone covers, keyboard films, swimming caps, bibs, placemats, scrapers, kitchen utensils, etc.

Take You Into The World of Personalized Silicone UV printing

Silicone is soft and flexible, and its surface is very slippery. Ink is not easy to adhere to. Ordinary printing methods are difficult to print on it. However, as silicone products become more and more diverse, the need to print something on them has become impossible to ignore.
First, we need to use special soft/flexible inks. Soft inks have good stretchability and can withstand temperatures of -10℃. Compared with weak solvent inks, the advantage of using UV inks on silicone products is that printing is not limited by its base color. SUBLISTAR UV-6090 flatbed UV printer can support UV direct injection and UV DTF transfer of silicone products, and is widely used in mobile phone cases, watch straps, sports bracelets, etc.

Ultraviolet UV Printing On Silicone Straps

Silicone straps have a good touch, are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no sensitizing effect on the skin. It is also non-slip, shockproof, waterproof, heat-resistant, non-aging, non-fading, easy to clean and durable.

Silicone Stress Fidget Toys With LED-UV Printing

A trendy educational toy abroad, it can be said to be a decompression tool, which can exercise fingers and attention, and activate thinking and atmosphere. Made of silicone material, it has a soft feel. There are various different shapes, including heart shape, circle shape, animal shape, etc., which are very cute. It is printed with UV printer, with bright colors and customizable patterns.

UV Print On Sports Silicone Products

Given the characteristics of silicone material such as high softness, strong wear resistance, good tension and high durability, silicone is widely used in indoor and outdoor sports scenes, such as swimming caps. Silicone swimming caps also have good anti-slip properties and can provide better water resistance, making swimming smoother. In addition, common sports silicone bracelets, folding water cups, etc., LED-UV printing personalized logos.

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