UV Printing On Stickers


The sticker and decal printing business has grown significantly in recent years considering the popularity of stickers for both personal and commercial use. Custom stickers and decals not only help businesses build their brand image, but also provide a fun and creative way to personalize personal items such as laptops, cell phones, and water bottles. UV LED printers can print high-quality labels easily and quickly, using environmentally friendly UV Curing ink printing technology.

Customized UV Printing On Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers

Whether you place stickers on walls, laptops, sports helmets, or car windows, it’s the ultimate printing product for effortless branding and labeling projects.
With the SUBLISTAR 6090F flatbed UV printer, you can make stickers of different shapes and sizes, and even add special localized UV gloss and metallic effects for greater profits.

Elevate Style With Exquisite Spot UV Stickers

Elegance and uniqueness complement each other when printing spot UV stickers with SUBLISTAR UV-6090 STAR-VI flatbed UV printer. These stickers are made with high-resolution and bright color. Experience the charming UV 3D embossing effect to enhance elegance. Varnish brings a special glossy effect that can give your design a sense of sophistication. Make your brand stand out and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Customized Magnet Stickers With Direct UV Print

Magnetic stickers are an innovative advertising display solution. UV printed magnetic stickers have long-lasting bright colors, are scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and are widely used in car body advertisements, window displays, refrigerator magnets, etc. They are the first choice decorations for companies and corporate advertising, which not only has practical value, but also can decorate the environment!

UV DTF Sticker Printing Easily Start Your Innovative Brand Era

In addition to direct UV printing, UV DTF sticker printing is one of the most effective ways to add graphics to flat substrates. UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) stickers use the latest UV DTF printing technology( SUBLISTAR UV-30R/ 60R UV DTF printer) to print your design directly onto the UV DTF AB film, and then transfer it to the surface of the object. Bright colors and clear details make the pattern look more vivid! Durable and wear-resistant, adding more value to your work! Can be widely used in various materials, such as plastic, leather, glass, metal, ceramics, wood, paper, electronic products, etc. You can easily create your own personalized brand by only three steps: [Print – Stick – Tear].

UV DTF Wrap-Cups

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