UV Printing On Wood


More and more industries are expanding their product offerings, including wood substrates. The most common processing for custom wood includes laser cutting and engraving, hand painting, vinyl decals, or UV printing technology. UV Printing — A fast, cost-effective solution that allows customers to create high-resolution prints on various wood products. Whether you want a custom pattern on a large format or a small wood item, SUBLISTAR has a UV printer model suitable for your demand.

Coated wood is an ideal surface for printing because it blocks the wood grain and provides a good color surface from the start. SUBLISTAR Direct-UV Inkjet and UV DTF Transfer technology simplify customized wood application printing.

Personalized Printing on Wood

Artists, online shop owners, gift suppliers and other custom graphics merchants can make huge profits by adding information, company logos and design patterns to various wooden items. With the SUBLISTAR flatbed UV printer, users can conveniently print directly on customized photo frames, puzzles, coasters, key chains, building blocks, furnitures and other ideal items.

UV printing on wood
UV printing on wood (24)

Advantages of UV Wood Objects Print

Friendly Environment

Unlike traditional production processes, UV printers use environmentally friendly inks, do not require spraying, no formaldehyde, and the printer has no exhaust gas waste emissions.

High-drop Printing

Support high-drop printing, which can achieve perfect printing on boards of different heights.

High Precision

Fast speed. The Epson printhead is recognized and stable in the industry, and it works efficiently.

UV printing on wine bottles

3D Embossing Relief Effect On Wood

With the continuous improvement of inkjet printing technology, it has become a very simple thing to print exquisite patterns on a flat surface. Handmade woodboard paintings are painted with pigments, so the surface will be slightly raised when touched by hand. The UV flatbed printer can not only print the picture on the wood board, but also make it into a concave and convex three-dimensional effect like hand-painted according to customer needs, and print 3D varnish relief effect. As a protective layer of the picture, varnish can improve the anti-fouling, wear-resistant and moisture-resistant performance of the picture, making the color of the picture lasting and bright, bringing a smoother and more delicate touch.

3D relief uv printing
wood hot stamping

Luxury Hot-Stamping Foil Solution For Wood

UV DTF printing is a new art form that can turn any package into something desirable. In addition to ordinary C M Y K W V ink printing, SUBLISTAR UV DTF printer hot stamping foil solutions have also begun to become popular in the industry, with a strong three-dimensional sense, simple to use, and waterproof and oil-proof.

UV Print On Wood Toys & Games

Some of the most gorgeous, timeless children’s items are made from wood. Puzzles, Building Blocks, LEGO, stools, photos, and other games can all become treasured keepsakes with beautiful images. With UV printing, you can be confident that the print will stand the test of time.

Mementos of special moments On Wood

The wedding decor industry uses wood in a number of creative ways, with one of the most popular items being wooden signs. The wedding day is one of the most personal and memorable days in a person’s life, and with advances in photography and sharing on social media, custom and personal items will be remembered long after the event is over. A custom sign, a wooden frame, or even a portrait of the bride printed on a beautiful piece of wood may appeal to the bride who wants a special touch.

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