To Businessmen Operating Hotel Business: UV Printing Improves Brand Loyalty for You

Nowadays, UV printing is widely used. It can print on flexible materials such as reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather, etc; It can also work on hard materials such as glass, plastic, wooden handicrafts, aluminum plate, acrylic board, resin products, gypsum board, etc. It can even draw on various product shells, such as MP3 music player shells, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, mobile phone shells, refrigerators, notebooks computers, etc. UV printer is called a “universal printer” in the industry because of its powerful printing function.

In recent years, a new term “user experience” has emerged on the Internet. How to improve the user experience of target consumers has become more and more important for the service industry. The competition in the hotel industry is fierce. Many businesses continue to innovate in decoration, customer experience, etc. and strive to provide customers with the most comfortable environment, so as to enhance brand loyalty. Consumers now have higher requirements for services. For those companies that can achieve perfection in aspects, others don’t pay attention to, hotel clients are happy to come back to consume again.

Let’s talk about how the hotel industry can improve the user experience of check-in guests by giving some small gifts.

There are many kinds of gifts that can be given by the hotel. Within the budget, the following gifts will bring good results.


Who would refuse a beautiful painting? Such picture materials can be purchased from many websites that specifically provide that thing. Merchants should carefully select works with unique designs and make them into gifts to customers. Paintings, unique design, and free of charge, must be very popular.


The mug is made of ceramic, which is safer and more beautiful than the plastic one and has a wide range of uses. It is very convenient to make coffee or tea whether you are at work or at home.

Glass bottles

The beautiful glass bottle itself is an ornament. What’s more, it can also be used to hold drinks, condiments, essential oils, and so on.


Specially customized umbrella will be liked by almost all customers. It is practical and beautiful. It’s also a good gift if you give it to a friend.

Powderpuff box

A small powder puff box will be very popular with young women.  Provided the appearance is beautifully made, they will keep it in their makeup bags for a long time.

Crystal key chain

For the gifts that can be given by the hotel, exquisite gifts are also a good choice. The crystal key chain has a unique and beautiful shape. It can be engraved with the desired design or slogan in the middle. It is small, exquisite, and easy to carry. It is a good choice for female guests.


Children have little resistance to candy and cute cartoon patterns. If the business can provide customers’ children with a large box of candy in cartoon packaging, I believe it will leave a deep impression on customers.

In addition, the check folder will be welcomed by business people; a Beautiful and good-quality thermos cup is the favorite of the elderly; A football or basketball with motivational words can instantly capture the hearts of male students; A unique Alec ornament is the treasure of female students.

Firms can print the logo on these gifts to guests. This is not only personalized but also can play a role in promoting the company. As long as the gifts are exquisite enough, those customers may also pay to order these items from the merchants.

 Service & loyalty

Hotels prepare exquisite gifts for VIP guests, which is a courtesy of them to show hospitality and also grateful feedback to loyal members. Too cheap goods will have the opposite effect. If presents are too expensive, they will exceed the budget. Therefore, it is a superior choice to try to choose affordable and practical items for customers within the allowable range. Gifts with a unique design and refreshing appearance are not necessarily very expensive. The key is to be attentive. UV printing can work on many materials and can achieve almost all the creativity of firms. Open up your mind, give customers a different experience each time they check in, and let them feel that the business is doing its service wholeheartedly, then they will trust you and become your loyal customers.

The powerful features of the UV printer make it possible to achieve almost any of your ideas. So long as your design is novel enough, it can show your ideas on many materials. Boldly use UV technology to make perfect gifts for your buddies. It will certainly leave a deep impression on them and enhance customers’ brand loyalty to your hotel.


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