Meet SUBLISTAR DTF-ECO STAR III Series Direct-to-film Printer‼

Meet SUBLISTAR New 🔥DTF-ECO STAR III Series Direct-to-film Printer. This video shows you the features, upgrade details and wide applications of the machine.

00:05 DTF Printer Display
00:14 Epson Precisioncore Printheads
00:20 Hoson Board
00:24 Front, Middle & Rear Heating
00:30 Cart Collision Avoidance Function
00:34 White Ink Filtration & Circulation System
00:38 Low Ink Warning
00:43 THK Mute Rail
00:46 Smart Touch Panel
00:49 PLC Touch Screen
00:52 Suction Conveyor Belt
00:54 Powder Recycling Drawer
01:05 Infrared Dryer
01:16 Cooling Fan
01:21 Integrated Purifier
01:27 Paper Tension Control System
01:37 Unlimited Market for DTF Printing
01:50 Male & Female Fashion
01:53 Personalization
01:56 Childrens Apparel
02:01 Sports Spirit
02:05 Team Uniform


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