New Generation Human-machine Friendly | STAR Ⅳ DTF Printer with S10 Shaker

New Generation, Ultra-stable, Human-machine Friendly DTF Printer & Shaker- SUBLISTAR STAR Ⅳ DTF Printer with S10 Shaker.

00:00 Machine display
00:37 Basic parameters & configuration
00:55 Nozzle Online Recovery Technology
01:34 Print Head Heating System
01:38 MPM(Multi-Printer Manager)
01:42 Anti-trigger sensing
01:47 One-button Control Pinch Rollers
01:54 Anti-settling White Ink System
02:04 Mute Motor
02:12 Intelligent Alarm Ink Tank
02:15 Sensor Monitoring Display
02:26 SCM Shaker Control Panel
02:42 Powder Box Preheating
02:48 Automatic Powder Recycling
02:51 Curing Oven Adds Insulation
02:56 Machine Power Customization Optional
03:01 Add the lifting ring
03:08 Add the anti-intrusion cover
03:15 Integrated Permanent Purifier


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