SUBLISTAR All-around Upgraded DTF Shaker Version S9

SUBLISTAR DTF-600series STAR Ⅳ Printer – All-around Upgraded DTF Shaker Version S9

00:11 All-around Upgraded DTF Shaker Version S9
00:13 New appearance design – More captivating
Lower power – More power saving
New generation – More intelligent
00:23 Smart PLC Touch Screen – Add temperature & powder weight sensor display
00:28 Add powder box heating – Preheat the powder
00:30 Change the structure of powder box, more stable and reliable, no jamming
00:36 Powder shaking strength adjustable
00:43 Cooling Fan – Cool down heat transfer film
00:47 Add leakage protection switch to protect equipment circuit
00:54 Add the lifting ring, convenient for lifting
01:01 Integrated Purifier – More environmentally friendly
01:05 Change the connection way of filter box, convenient and quick for installation
01:12 Change the internal seal of filter box to prevent oil leakage
01:16 Add the paper sensor – Automatically feed the paper when senses the film is hanging down
01:32 Add the feeding anti-deflection device to prevent the PET film from deflection
01:38 All-round Upgraded Infrared Dryer
01:41 Set adjustable heating temperature parameter for dryer
01:50 Take-up Reel Rewinding System – Collect printed film automatically


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