SUBLISTAR New DTF-A3 Ultra A(All-in-one) Film Printer

SUBLISTAR New DTF-A3 Ultra A(All-in-one) Film Printer, With SUBLISTAR Latest S9 Powder Shaker‼

00:06 SUBLISTAR DTF-A3 Ultra A(All-in-one) Film Printer
00:28 Max Print Width: 300MM+
00:34 Dual EPSON I3200/ XP600 Printheads Optional
00:42 The mainboard upgrade – reduce the error frequency
00:53 Ink damper heating – ensure ink flows out smoothly at low temperature
01:06 Automatic cleaning system for consistent print quality
01:13 Automatic ln-Line Moisturizing System
01:36 Front, Middle, Rear Heating Device
01:44 Temperature & Humidity Monitor
01:56 Pinch roller lift control button
02:09 Mute Linear Guide – Eliminate working noise
02:24 6 Colors Printing
02:31 White ink stirring system to prevent the white ink from settling
02:41 White Ink Circulation Speed Adjustable
02:48 Low ink & waste ink bottle full alarm
03:01 Integrated SUBLISTAR Latest S9 Powder Shaker
03:12 Smart PLC Touch Screen
03:23 Infrared Dryer – TPU Powder Drying & Curing System
03:36 Tension Take-up Reel – Rewinding and clamping rod integrated
03:55 Suitable for Any Color & Kind of Fabrics


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