Want to Buy a Heat Transfer Machine to Start a Business? Novices Should Avoid the Following Common Misconceptions!

If you want to buy a heat transfer machine to start a business, but you don’t know the operation process, how to print color photos with six colors of ink, or even the working principle of Photoshop, you haven’t investigated the market, and you don’t know the sales channels, please be sure to read this article to avoid the pits that novices often step into.

Many newcomers enter the clothing heat transfer industry with the idea of simply starting a business. They have not learned the basic knowledge but want to make money by buying a machine. First, he bought a printer, a heat transfer machine, clothes, ink, and other materials, not knowing which technology or which kind of ink correspond to which fabric of clothing. He fantasy that he can immediately take orders. It turned out that after working for a period of time, the result was not as expected. With the idea that the more advanced the machine functions are, the simpler the learning steps, some people bought a hot stamping machine with 6 functions in one set or 8 functions in one. As a result, they found that only one function was used for ironing clothes for several months.

Basic technology

Some novices do not know what Photoshop is after the store has been opened. Grasping the way of drawing repair software is the basic skill for heat transfer printing. Many pictures given by customers need to be repaired. If they are dark, you have to lighten them. If they are large, you need to size them. If the background is not good, you should adjust the picture. If the customer wants to add a few words, you have to typeset them. Let alone, some pictures have to be beautified.

Some businesses have neither professional knowledge nor experience in training, so they try hot transfer printing after buying all kinds of materials. It turned out to be a mess. Instead of reflecting on his own reasons, he cast his anger on the merchants selling machines and ink, and then accused the stores selling transfer paper. When communicating, he doesn’t talk well and loses his temper because of others. Later, when he finally calmed down and remembered to ask others about the printing process, he himself also felt embarrassed.

For many novices, heat transfer printing seems simple. Once the machine is turned on, money is made. It’s not that simple!

Cost of Clothing

Where to buy clothes for heat transfer printing? you must first have some channels. For T-shirts, for example, there must be millions of T-shirts sold nationwide, and the quality and price of each are different. If the purchase price is high, you will have no advantage in your business.


Some new bosses didn’t do research in the early stage, so they didn’t know how to sell the printed products. Generally speaking, every entrepreneur must first know what kind of market he wants to step into, how big the market is, and whether there is such a market near his surroundings, if a green hand enters this market, will he have a chance to survive? For example, if you want to do the business of online personalized product customization, you can at least post in the forums of some online shopping malls to inquire about the online sales of those businesses. Summarize the experience of successful cases and failed ones, and then solicit consumers’ opinions to see what kind of goods they most need or like.

You can also find opportunities for cooperation with some enterprises or groups, such as customized promotional shirts for the company. You can’t buy a machine with a dull head until you find that there is no market for it.

Transfer paper

Many new entrepreneurs are more economical in terms of heat transfer paper, always wondering if it can be cheaper? “The paper I buy now is a little expensive. I should buy a cheaper one next time”. As a result, he was greedy for this small “cheap” and sent the clothes to the customer after printing. As a result, the customer found that the designs were all destroyed after his clothes were washed a few times. It was very difficult for firms to look for customers in the starting period. As a result, the reputation of that new store was lost because the transfer paper quality was not up to standard. Therefore, new businesses should not put too much energy into these small price differences but to take a long-term view. Basically, within one year of entering the industry, pioneers are in the process of learning. Whichever school can teach them more skills, they should devote themselves to their studies!

Heat Press Machine

Novices who lack professional skills like to buy multi-functional heat transfer machines. They can’t wait to press the button and hope that one machine can handle all kinds of orders. In fact, the more functions those machines have, the more skilled the operator should be. If you want to buy a heat transfer machine to make clothes, you should buy one that specializes in making clothes. Don’t think it has other functions at the same time. It has high requirements for operators to make clothes heat transfer. Instead of turning on the button, just do print. First of all, the flatness of the ironing board of the machine should be enough. Otherwise, the force on the picture will be uneven. Some parts have not been ironed well, and another part has been ironed too much. Also, the thermometer should be accurate and the error should not be too large.


Never buy the wrong type of ink, or the machine will break down easily.

First of all, you should know what inks are used for heat transfer printing.

The first kind is dye ink (some business labels are continuous supply ink), which is mainly used to print photos.

The second kind: Thermal sublimation ink (some businesses label thermal transfer ink). This ink is mainly used for sublimation transfer, such as cups, mobile phone cases, crystals, white ball suits, plates, and so on. This kind of ink has good high-temperature resistance and basically does not change color before heating. However, it cannot be kept in a high-temperature environment for a long time and will volatilize. It can also be used to do the transfer printing of pure cotton t-shirts, and the effect is also good.

The third kind: Pigment ink (some businesses mark hot stamping ink). This ink is mainly used to print RC photo paper before heat transfer because the ink itself does not melt into water and has good waterproof performance. Later, it was used to make pure cotton t-shirts, which is basically the best ink for T-shirts. But this ink can only be used with heat transfer paper to make clothes, not cups, mobile phone cases, and so on.

What type of heat transfer do you want to do, you should use that ink. Be sure to check with the merchant before buying ink. It’s best to find a reputable merchant, who will strictly classify the ink, clearly mark it, and provide good service. They will recommend the corresponding type of ink to you according to your business. If you want to make cups and light-colored polyester T-shirts, he will let you buy heat sublimation ink. If you only make T-shirts and have a lot of cottons, it is generally recommended that you use hot stamping ink, which is usually pigment ink.

Commodity quality assurance

When buying machines and inks, sellers usually tell you how many times the printed goods can withstand washing. If you have no problem with the operation process, the quality of the printed pattern is guaranteed. In some cases, such as wearing clothes in summer, customers may find that the patterns are different from those when they are just printed. If a customer makes a complaint, he should know how to inform the client of the quality assurance period. Instead of doubting that the machines they bought are not good or that the operation steps are wrong, which has severely damaged their entrepreneurial self-confidence.


To sum up, if you love and are determined to do heat transfer printing, the first step is to seriously learn the necessary basic knowledge. At the same time, conduct extensive research to find a good customer base in advance. Exchange experiences with peers in online industry learning groups. When everything is ready, you can purchase the equipment and go into operation. In the early stage of opening shops, you may encounter various difficulties. As long as you learn modestly and keep moving forward, you will be able to make a breakthrough. Good luck to all entrepreneurs!

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