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What Are New Generation UV Printers? Know the Details

Starting custom printing business is a worthwhile choice in today’s competitive market, but what is more important is that choose a powerful equipment to support your business. UV printer is a kind of printer that enables to print on almost all the materials, which is a perfect choice for custom printing business. To meet the demand, SUBLISTAR has launched the new generation UV printers. This article will make a detailed introduction to it.

Star VI 30R UV DTF Printer

This new type of 30R UV DTF printer takes white and orange design instead of traditional white and red design, bringing a bright visual feeling to the customers. Featuring 8 colors allows it to provide unmatchable color accuracy, vibrancy, flexibility and gamut.

In spite of these two features, the other details of star VI 30R UV DTF printer are also compelling:

  1. Light-weight design. Compared with the old generation 30R uv DTF printer, this one comes to with smaller-size appearance design. It will occupy less space,suiting stay-at-home use.
  2. Print & lamination all in one. When the printer prints on the A film, the equipped laminator will apply B film directly at the same time. The combination of printing and laminating will not only save cost but also improve working efficiency greatly.
  3. Print white, color ink and vanish at one time. This feature allows for simultaneous printing of four colors of ink, white, and varnish, creating faster and better printing outputs. By integrating white and varnish in one step, UV DTF printing eliminates the need for additional processes, saving time and resources.
  4. No deflect when printing. With this new generation UV DTF printer, you do not need to worry about the deflecting problem, which will result in poor quality prints. Accurate film feeding and laminating are guaranteed. It is also crucial to do regular maintenance and proper training to keep the printer in fluent working condition.
  5. Use Epson HD3200 print head. With up to 1200 nozzles per inch, the Epson I3200-U1 HD printhead offers higher nozzle resolution than the current I3200-U1. It is also more affordable. Most importantly, UV inks work well with this printhead.
  6. Low investment but higher profit. Smaller design and cost-effective printhead decides that the price of this machine will not be high. Especially for those who have a tight budget, it is a perfect option.  

Star VI 6090F UV Flatbed Printer

The star VI 6090F UV flatbed printer, featuring three Brother B570 printheads, can produce up to four colors, guaranteeing high-quality and long-lasting printing. It can print on many sorts of materials including glass, plates, crystal, PVC, acrylic, leather, and plastic. 

It is specially mentioned that the star VI 6090 UV flatbed printer uses Brother B570 printhead instead of traditional Epson printhead. The Brother printhead delivers a lot of benefits:

  1. Print small letters clearly and accurate ink droplet.
  2. Print small dots accurately. The shape is restored and the placement is precise.
  3. Accurate color registration, delicate edges, sharp and no fly ink.
  4. Excellent heat resistance, no traditional repeated maintenance, good durability, large ink volume, and high jet power.
  5. Perform well in UV printing industry.
  6. Utilize multi-layer PZT technology and has strong spray power.
  7. High spraying efficiency and faster speed.
  8. Long service life and not prone to clogging.
  9. Support water, oil, UV and other types of ink.
UV Brother B570 printhead

More features of this new generation UV flatbed printer are as follows:

Printing Examples

uv applications in mugs
uv applications in mat
uv application
uv application in key chains
UV application in board
uv applicaions in bottles

Conclusion: New Advancement in Custom Printing

To conclude, the Star VI 30R UV DTF printer and Star VI 6090F UV flatbed printer boasts exceptional printing speed, precision, vibrant colors print quality and versatile applications. By investing in these new printers, businesses will stay competitive in the custom printing market.

Upgrade your printing business with the new generation UV printer and elevate your business to the next level. Leave a comment or consult the experts to know more about the powerful next-generation UV printers.


What’s new of the Star VI 30R UV DTF printer?

Light weight design. The old generation 30R UV DTF printer comes in size 984 x 1053 x 525mm while the new one 950x540x450mm.

Yes, prints made by a UV DTF printer are typically waterproof, scratch-resistant, and can last for a long time.

Yes. One of the biggest advantages of UV printer is that it is suitable for customization. You can upload your own custom designs and artwork to create personalized and unique prints by UV printer.

UV flatbed printers can print on a wide range of materials including glass, acrylic, aluminum composite panel, PVC board, foam board, ceramic tiles, and more.

Yes, UV printing uses UV inks which produce little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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