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What Are The Advantages Of UV Flatbed Printers?

Features of UV flatbed printers

Features of UV flatbed printers
  1. White ink printing

The UV flatbed printer can print two layers at a time, and the three-layer mode (color and white can be combined as required) can increase the bump printing effect. Furthermore, flexible white ink for printing various colored or transparent media can be applied to flexible hard materials at the same time.

  1. Simple operation of flatbed UV printer

Flatbed UV printers have simple and convenient user operation, which means that you can easily complete the work through the mouse, and upgrade the UV printing system freely. Safe and reliable print protection, a programmed UV shutter system, and effective protection of the operating and printing head sensitive nozzle protection design can prevent damage to the printing head caused by abnormal protrusions. The fully enclosed system is safer.

  1. Optionalvarnish printing

The printing effect of flatbed UV printers can enhance the glossiness of the covered surface, protect the color display of the ink, and achieve more creative output with high added value.

  1. Base map direct painting option

The UV flatbed nozzle directly sprays the primer, which can increase the adhesion of the media surface as required, and achieve the frosting effect of the glass surface and one-time color printing.

  1. Safe and convenient UV print ink system

White multi-level circulation certificate smooth printing, fast online addition, temperature regulation system to maintain a consistent ink viscosity, and low ink volume early warning system.

  1. Media positioning system

X+Y two-way media positioning, which makes it easier for materials to achieve edge-to-edge printing.

  1. OptionalUV flatbed print configuration extension

The UV printing width is 1.22 m, the thickness of the expansion platform is 1.22 m x 2.44 m, the standard plate printing, and the expansion platform positioning system.

  1. Static electricity

Before printing, the UV flatbed printer can effectively remove the static electricity on the material surface, so that each ink drop can be accurately positioned and exquisite printing quality is ensured.

Three advantages of UV flatbed printers

Three advantages of UV flatbed printers

UV flatbed printing machine is a professional technical thinning equipment for flatbed printing. For many types of flatbed UV printing materials, high-precision double linear guides are used to control the printing head trolley with gratings to ensure accurate and high-definition painting. The precision and production efficiency of the UV flatbed printer is far higher than those of the traditional ink-jet printing method. In addition, the traditional UV inkjet printing method of the UV flatbed printer is much more flexible in application operation, batch, and print production, and it saves costs and expands the profit space of the UV flatbed printer application companies.

  1. Simple process and rapid production

UV flatbed ink-jet printing machine does not need film, plate assembly, and printing. These traditional UV printers must be processed. The printing materials are directly ink-jet, and the pictures are quickly drawn, dry when spraying, and stacked after spraying. The pictures are fast curing and not easy to damage.

  1. Flexible production to achieve personalized UV flat painting

UV flatbed ink-jet printing machine can immediately switch the UV ink-jet painting picture during production. The production mode is very flexible and supports white printing, which can be painted on any color of the substrate. This has expanded the application space of UV flat painting and brought more business opportunities.

  1. Save a lot of labor and ensure the safety of employees

UV flatbed printer is a completely computer-controlled production, without heavy labor, fully adapted to the automation work industry chain, safe and efficient, only one operator can complete all the work, safe and simple. A UV flat-panel ink-jet printing machine uses environmentally friendly UV ink, free of harmful substances and odors, to ensure the safety of employees.

The above is an introduction to UV flatbed printing. We know that a flatbed UV printing machine combines UV curing ink and digital printing technology. Then, from the introduction of UV  printing product processing, we know that it is a substitute for traditional printing. flat-panel Its application industry is very extensive. Then we introduced the maintenance methods of the UV flat-panel ink-jet printer. We hope you can do a good job of maintenance according to the above steps. Finally, we explained the three advantages of the UV flatbed ink-jet printer. It can be seen that technology is developing rapidly. I hope the above introduction will help you.

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