What Are The Application Markets Of DTG Printer?

We have been introducing our DTG printer to the t-shirt. In fact, if you are willing to expand your business scope or refine your business modules. Our machines are far more than you think. DTG printer has a wide range of applications, and the continuous maturity and progress of digital printing technology, that will make our digital printing products more and more popular. In the extensive digital printing market, what are the most popular ones?

The current market environment is not very optimistic. Small companies eager to profit from small investments, may be attracted by the unique features of our machines, such as the mode that can be customized and produced in small batches.

According to the technical principles of the digital printing process, after a period of research and development and experimental work, in the current situation, DTG printers are mainly used in some personalized, small-batch, fast response, and high environmental protection fields and printing and dyeing enterprises. On the proofing, the current market positioning takes into account the production cost and technical characteristics of DTG printers. That is mainly positioned in the mid-to-high-end consumer market. The segmented market currently has the following areas:

1.DTG printer fashion design


In many cases, it is not that the design of the fashion designer is too advanced. But that the current technology is not able to keep up. It can be said that it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice. In the market, only certain fabrics are suitable for one’s own design. Which makes it difficult to achieve the final effect of the finished design. And cannot express the original intention and style of the product design.

Especially when professional performance fashion, stage costumes, and costumes of different styles are needed. In these situations often the materials are wrong. And the costumes greatly affect the effectiveness of the show. If you use imported fabrics from abroad, the price is high. Depending on the delivery date and print volume. The price often outweighs the gain.

Therefore, when current fashion designers participate in competitions. To show their unique ideas and design styles. Most of them take hand-painted methods to make up for the lack of fabrics. Good hand-painting will make the effect better, but if the painting level is accidentally limited. The effect of the pattern on the clothes will be greatly reduced. The emergence of the DTG printer just made up for this defect. This provides designers with a new design world. Enabling designers to gain the initiative in fabric creation. At the same time to smoothly control the entire process of clothing design.

After a period of trial and exploration, we have reason to believe: DTG printer can greatly change our traditional design concept and design mode. And it will have a huge response in the field of clothing consumption.  A new one with more vitality and characteristics will emerge world.

2.DTG printer personalized souvenirs

The product features of the DTG printer make it possible to print high-definition. It also can delicate patterns on various textile fabrics. Whether it is printing small batches of similar traditional Chinese paintings on textiles, or foreign special oil paintings and other beautiful patterns, our DTG printer can do it. Virtually improved the grade of products and expanded the field of textile printing products. In the past, we have been overly chasing overseas tourism and special souvenirs from abroad. Today, we can proudly launch tourist souvenirs with the characteristics of our Chinese nation to expand our influence and achieve multiple goals.


It has been reported that the souvenirs in a museum in our country are mainly key chains. In foreign countries, various tourist souvenirs printed with fine digital printing already have a corresponding scale. Our country is growing, the economic contribution is increasingly prominent, and tourism culture also has huge potential. Attracting longing eyes from all over the world. The use of this product technology to launch tourist souvenirs with a unique Chinese culture will definitely be highly regarded. Why is this not a huge potential business opportunity?

3.DTG printer personalized interior decoration, home textiles:

The development of the DTG printer has enabled the production of textiles to directly face the personal consumer market, which is an opportunity never thought of before. Nowadays, housing prices remain high, and many young couples want to decorate their small homes warmly and comfortably, but the decoration companies on the market charge high prices and the materials are not necessarily environmentally friendly.

With the improvement of digital printing technology, designers can design decorative textiles for customers while providing house decoration design. Through digital printing technology, real “personalized home” and “one-to-one” on-demand production can be realized. , More worry and effort.

4.DTG printer other digital printing special textile production:

The characteristics of the DTG printer machine technology enable it to meet the needs of some special fields, such as film and television stage clothing, which require small batches, high requirements, and short production cycles. Also, with the strengthening of people’s environmental protection awareness and the improvement of living standards, the production prospects of green textiles are very broad. It depends on your main business scope, and it is most important to choose the one that suits you.

5.DTG printer on t-shirt

At present, the most common application on the market is directly applied to T-shirt garments. This kind of business is the best choice for a small investment and considerable income in the early, mid, and late stages. If you still want to expand the market and continue to play the powerful role of our DTG printer, you can consider the parts of the above markets that you are interested in.

The above is the market segment of the DTG printer we are introducing today. If you have prior commercial experience or team support, I believe you will have more orders and a higher satisfaction rate by choosing us. Of course, if you are a newbie just getting started, don’t worry, choose your own direction and stick to it, I believe you can too!


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