What are the main functions of the five core components of DTG printer?

Many previous articles have introduced the functions, operating methods, application market, fashion trends and how to choose the correct DTG printer. We will then finely analyze the core operating components of DTG printer. These core components largely determine the overall performance of the machine.

A high-quality DTG printer must have the characteristics of high precision and high stability. Each component of DTG printer needs to be combined and matched with each other and work together to make the machine run efficiently. So, how can a DTG printer determine its performance? The core components of a good DTG printer include nozzles, boards, negative pressure ink supply system, body, and guide rails.

1.DTG printer nozzle

At present, the popular sprinklers on the market are mainly Epson i3200, DX five generations, spt, GEN 5 and so on. The print head is the soul of DTG printer, and all patterns need to be imaged by the print head. Therefore, the accuracy, speed and stability of the print head must not be too bad. These three factors directly affect the printing effect of DTG printer.

We chose Epson i3200 nozzle. This nozzle is all stainless steel design, with super durability. The data port of the nozzle can adapt to different printing software, and the printing density is higher than that of the previous nozzle. It has a wide range of applications and is currently used in industrial and commercial printing.

The nozzle is also a frequently asked part. When purchasing inquiry, try to choose mainstream sprinkler brand products. Don’t care about temporary costs. Choose sprinklers whose prices are lower than normal. At that time, the after-sales service will be more expensive, and the gains outweigh the losses. Our machine comes standard with Epson i3200 print head, so you can buy it with confidence.

2.DTG printer board


The board controls the operation of the DTG printer and is the head of the DTG printer. It must be set through the program to make DTG printer work orderly. The circuit system design of the board card with good quality is simple and the thinking is clear. The circuit is durable and not easy to age, with good heat dissipation and stability.

When using the machine in normal times, pay attention to choosing the right ink. The ink is wrong, it is very easy to burn the motherboard. The fluidity, tension, and pH of the ink affect the normal operation of the board.

The current boards of the board manufacturers on the market are very mature, and there is no major problem in the use process, but some boards cannot adjust the ink dot size, and many configurations are not open to the outside world. It will be difficult to upgrade in the future. It is determined that the machine has not been able to update iterations, so it has been stuck in the state when the machine was bought! Board control is also what you need to think and compare!

3.DTG printer’s negative pressure ink supply system

I believe that as a professional manufacturer of T-shirts, you should pay attention to the DTG printers on the market. Many brands like Brother, Epson, etc., will have this feature. But the difference from these brands of DTG printer is that the ink supply system of their machine uses an electronic pump to draw ink from below. This way of drawing ink is easy to break the ink, and requires high air tightness. At the same time, there are strict requirements on the quality of the ink pad, ink pump, and ink tube.

Different from the above ink supply system is our digital DTG printer. In the case of normal operation, the secondary ink cartridge is kept at a negative pressure state, and the ink is kept in a constant position. When printing, the negative pressure starts to reduce the pressure and the ink automatically flows out. When the ink is below the warning position, the sensor in the secondary ink cartridge senses it and promptly informs the solenoid valve that the ink circuit starts to supply ink. The simple understanding is: it is controlled by the ink level of the secondary ink cartridge, and the ink is pressed from above without being affected by the ink pad and the ink suction pump.

4.The body of the DTG printer



The body of the DTG printer is the frame of the machine. This is the basic platform on which machine works. The printing life of DTG printer is inseparable from the quality and stability of the body. The quality of the body is good, the operation is normal, the error is small, and there will be no jitter. On the contrary, not only the error is large, it even affects the printing work, and directly leads to the scrapping of the machine. Our DTG printer is welded with a full steel frame, which is stable and does not shake or deform, ensuring the accuracy and stability of the machine assembly.

5.Guide rail of DTG printer

The main function of the guide rail is to support the head, and the guide rail needs to move back and forth during the printing process. Therefore, in daily machine use, the choice of guide rail is very important. The four functions of high precision, high temperature resistance, friction resistance and noise reduction are important indicators for detecting guide rails. The straightness and parallelism of the guide rails of our DTG printer have passed the test, which can ensure that the machine is accurately positioned and more stable during use!

After reading this, do you know more about the DTG printer machine? Do you have any research on these parts during daily use? Do you still have relevant questions? Welcome to leave a message and contact us!

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