What Can a Small UV Printer Do?

The powerful function of the UV printer has left a deep impression on many merchants engaged in the printing business. So for those who want to buy UV printers to start a business, there may always be a question. “Do small UV printers also have these functions? ” What can they print?


Like large machines, small UV printers can work on wood, marble, metal, glass, leather, acrylic, plastic, and other materials. It can make wood paintings, marble background walls, metal decorations, leather wallets, Alec table boards, plastic signs, and so on.


Decoration: many ceramic tile manufacturers will print various personalized patterns on the surface of ceramic tiles in order to improve the grade of products and increase the added value of ceramic tiles.

Wood: artists usually make paintings on wood by hand, which not only requires professional painting skills but also takes a long time and cannot be mass-produced. The development of inkjet printing technology, especially the emergence of UV printers, has solved this problem. At present, the common way is to use UV flat-panel printers.

Glass: glass panels can bring feelings of modernity to architecture or interior rooms. UV printing can make pictures of the glass sliding doors in the study, living room, bedroom, wardrobe, and other places, making furniture glow with charm.

Small cabinet panel: in order to make the furnishings pleasing to our eyes, people will choose a wardrobe with beautiful patterns. UV printer does not need coating when printing the wardrobe panel. UV printers are good at printing on solid wood and PVC panels.

Lamps and lanterns: in recent years, the lamp industry has developed rapidly. Personalized lamps and lanterns are more popular. Customers like to get personalized patterns on their lamps (such as ceramic lampshades). UV printer plays an irreplaceable role in the process of customizing lamps. Users can choose beautiful patterns freely and can be their own lamp designers.

Advertisement: Signs can be seen everywhere in our life. Many signs in public places or advertisements in large shopping centers are made of acrylic materials. Acrylic boards – we often see them everywhere on the street. For example, the signs in front of the door of a company, the signs placed on the table of the open-air restaurant, etc., which are called acrylic signs, will be hot spots in the printing industry.

In our daily life, we often contact with various metals, such as gold foil medals, sand gold medals,  silver medals, wooden pallet medals, bronze medals, and so on. The material, style, and design of medals are generally determined according to their functions. The content usually includes the information of the organizer, such as the full name or logo. The traditional printing process has a long production cycle, complex steps, and high costs. UV flat-panel printer is the ideal device to print this kind of medal at present.

Oil paintings: compared with watercolor painting, oil painting has stable physical and chemical properties, and its color will remain bright for decades. UV printer solves the problems of low production efficiency and high cost of traditional oil painting and can meet the requirements of high fidelity. Besides, the oil painting made by this method is more environmentally friendly and efficient.

Ceramics: A UV printer is the best machine for printing ceramic decorations. The printed patterns are clear and three-dimensional. UV printer technology is high-speed and intelligent, which is an indispensable technology when making contemporary decorations.

In addition, a small UV printer can print cylinders, which is an excellent scheme for printing ceramic vases.

Gifts: Whether it is small items such as water cups, pens, mirrors, crystal frames, or large-piece products such as leather bags, lamps, decorative paintings, and makeup tables. What you want to say to each other or the emotions you want to express, UV printers can print them on these items. You can participate in the whole process of design. In short, your friend will be very surprised when he receives such a customized gift.

Digital industry: small UV printers can print on mobile phone cases, computers, headphones, mouse pads, etc., making these digital products unique.

Personalized Customization: UV printer has a brilliant advantage – flexibility. The merit of meeting customers’ personalized requirements greatly enhances the added value of UV printing products. Customers can customize gifts online, or print their favorite designs on their own goods at any time. Following the trend of creativity, UV printers conform to the needs of buyers and become the rage in the market.

 Important issues

UV DTF stickers: a powerful function of small UV printers is to print UV DTF stickers. This process solves the problems encountered in printing irregular products. It can not only produce in large quantities but also meet the special needs of customers. UV DTF stickers are a technology that has been at the forefront of the printing industry in the past two years. It can be seen not only in major exhibitions but also on short video apps. It adopts UV direct spray glue or AB film, without plate making, and the process is environmentally friendly. UV DTF stickers are not only beautiful but also very convenient to use. It does not need to be baked at high temperature during use, nor does it need the assistance of other mechanical equipment. Customers directly stick it on the corresponding goods. You can integrate a UV DTF sticker with the product, making the product more delicate and beautiful, which is unmatched by other processes.

The small UV printer is also powerful, and the printed pattern has a high definition, which is suitable for people who want to start a business or have been doing related business.

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