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What Features Should A Good DTF PET Film Printer Have?

The Sublistar brand DTF PET Film Printer is new. Keep up with the pace of the times. If any product refuses to be updated, it will stagnate and eventually be eliminated over time. Apparel printing is also progressing, and after dye sublimation printing, DTF PET Film Printer and DTG printer shine. The characteristics of a good machine must be accompanied by the continuous upgrading of products.

If fans have been following the content of our articles, they must have found them. The articles comparing old and new machines in previous issues are only half up to date. Well, today we’ll finish the rest of the update for the current DTF PET Film Printer.

1. DTF PET Film Printer software upgrade

The RIP software currently used by DTF PET Film Printer is maintained as it is. Take Mengtai as a regular RIP, and take into account the others. At the same time, it can also make the operator using the machine more familiar. In the previous printing process, when we operated by ourselves, we encountered the problem that the print thumbnails could not be generated before printing. It is true that the old version of the DTF PET Film Printer could not do this, and the new version has solved the problem.

At the same time, we have received feedback from customers that DTF PET Film Printer cannot set multiple tasks in the printing software to continuously print. Only a single job can be printed repeatedly. In response to this problem, we have also made improvements, and now you can set up multiple tasks to print continuously on the computer.

The old printing control software used TOOL4720. The old printing control software has a simple interface, and many operations must be completed on the printer; while the printing control software used by the new DTF PET Film Printer is updated to EXE PRINT. The new machine is powerful and has many functions that the old machine does not have. It can basically realize full control of printing on the computer side.

cadlink2. Function upgrade of DTF PET Film Printer

First of all, it is the adjustment of the spacing between the DTF printer trolley board, decryption card, and nozzle. The three parts of the old machine are arranged in a straight line, with small operating space, dense wiring, and large bending arc, which are prone to scratches and cause heavy losses. The three new DTF PET Film Printers adopt a stepped design, and the cables are arranged in an orderly manner. Reduced possible problems with older machines.

Secondly, the DTF PET Film Printer paper feeding system has been greatly improved. Old machine: The transfer film is wound between several rollers, creating a reverse tension between the feed motor and the pinch roller, the so-called “continuous tension system”. This winding method is actually very complicated. Customers need to go through the repeated exploration to get the film right. If the feeding motor and gear are unstable, there will be frequent failures. And because the tension is too large, the coating of the transfer film will be damaged, and in extreme cases, the film will be torn. To avoid this, we have improved a simplified loader without a motor.

Once again, it is the further strengthening of the platform’s suction. The old DTF Printing machine has adjustable suction power, but the maximum suction power is still small. There is a suction adjustment display screen below the operation interface of the new machine, which can be switched between several gears at any time, and the suction can also be turned off. The suction intensity can be switched during printing. Older machines do not have the above characteristics.

DTF PET Film Printer3. DTF PET Film Printer parts upgrade

The old printing platform does not have a scale, which leads to the fact that the specific position of the X-axis cannot be selected intuitively on the old machine, and repeated debugging is required. After the new machine has a scale, the above problems can be well avoided.

For the old version of the DTF PET Film Printer, we chose to produce many parts by ourselves and did not choose the parts provided by many well-known manufacturers. This time, we changed the original self-produced printing beam to the gantry milling beam. It got rid of the impression that the beam of the old machine was unstable and the texture was not good enough. Printing errors are reduced, and there are even cases where the beam is significantly bent.

The new guide rail adopts the HNK silent guide rail, which greatly reduces the noise generated during the printing process. More advantages than previous rails. At the same time, the grating position also accepts the suggestions made by customers when used. The grating position of the old version is exposed and is highly susceptible to contamination, which affects the stepping. The new version of the DTF PET Film Printer has a protective barrier strip, which reduces contamination and makes stepping less affected by it.

4. DTF PET Film Printer details praise

Any machine is in use due to unfamiliarity with the machine. At the beginning of the operation, you may encounter many problems. For example: in the long-term use process, a certain part needs to be checked and maintained. Most of the old machines are sheet metal structures, which are connected to each other by screws. To repair a certain part, the corresponding sheet metal must be removed. This makes maintenance difficult and increases the time cost of maintenance. The new DTF Printer is designed for flat locks, and sliding doors without disassembly.

Both new and old DTF PET Film Printers feature feathering. However, the old machine can only adjust the percentage, and the new machine has a variety of normal, deep, and custom feathering modes to choose from.

In addition, the new DTF PET Film Printer also has the function of cutting ink, has the function of printing speed evaluation and display, has the function of printing cost evaluation, has the function of displaying the percentage of each color ink of the pattern, and has the functions of the printer electronic manual and so on.

It can be seen that this DTF Printer update of Sublistar can be said to be very comprehensive and thorough. Our new machine is about to meet the public, so stay tuned.

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