What Is Digital UV Transfer Printer?

digital UV transfer printers

Using UV light-curing glue, it is easy to transfer the digital graphics printed by digital UV transfer printers to metal surfaces such as crystal, glass, stone, wood, acrylic, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, and aluminum. There is no loss of pixels in the UV transfer process. That is to say, we need to figure out what effects can be printed by a UV transfer printer and what effects can be obtained by UV transfer. Due to the continuous UV ink supply system that has appeared in the past two years, the cost of UV printers for colorful printing has been reduced by more than 90%. Therefore, UV cold transfer printing has shown a rapid development trend in the production of personalized or batch products. Metal coating, screen printing, decoration, advertisement, circuit board printing, craft picture framing, handcrafted toys, and various products and plates could all be marked.

The introduction to the printing methods of digital UV transfer printer

methods of digital UV transfer printer

The following is a brief introduction to the application methods of several UV cold transfer printing technologies. For example, a crystal image, also known as a crystal photo, is a popular personalized decorative handicraft at present. Its basic technological process is:

  1. Select the required crystal white embryo. At present, there are domestic manufacturers specializing in the production and sale of processed crystal white embryos of various shapes.
  2. Select the UV film that can be transferred. This kind of film is generally composed of PET (polyester) film coated with a very thin water-absorbing film, that is, a double-layer structure, and the printed pattern can only be printed on the surface of the water-absorbing UV transfer film. A good film is transparent, bright and smooth, with a uniform coating, no ink accumulation and easy to peel off. The current UV printing film size is generally A4.
  3. Choose UV shadowless glue for transfer printing, that is, ultraviolet light curing glue. Good-quality shadowless glue has low solubility to the water-based ink on the pattern but at the same time can maintain a considerable bonding strength to it. On the other hand, it must also have considerable bonding strength to the crystal (or glass), otherwise there will be mottled cracks and snowflakes in the water during the polishing process of the subsequent process or after the product is produced for a period of time.
  4. Select the appropriate UV transfer printer and UV printing ink. In order to save printing costs, Sublistar flatbed printers are one of the most commonly used UV printers at present, because the continuous ink supply system matching Sublistar UV printers is the best on the market. General water-based ink is also suitable for UV cold transfer printing, but the printing cost is high.
  5. According to the light source and light curing method, regular ultraviolet lamps, ordinary mercury lamps (mercury lamps) and sunlight can all meet the bonding requirements of crystal photos.However, if you want to pay attention to UV printing efficiency, the stronger the ultraviolet light sourceis, the faster the curing speed will be. (The higher the temperature of the surface of the adherend, the faster the curing speed.) In a word, the closer the light distance, the faster the curing speed. But at the same time, it should be noted that when the curing speed of UV transfer printers is too fast, it may cause cracks and spots on the adhesive layer. Therefore, before mass use, relevant tests should be carried out according to the local natural environment and conditions at that time, as well as the proficiency of the construction personnel, so as to determine the best operating procedures.


Detailed explanations of UV transfer printer operation

UV transfer operation
  1. For large-area crystal photos, the glue is generally applied in the shape of “double cross pattern”on the crystal (or glass) sheet to be printed, and the UV printed film is spread, and the mimeograph roller or rubber scraper is used Drive away the glue on the board. After the glue is covered with graphics and the air bubbles are exhausted, place it under a 250-400W mercury lamp for 1-2 minutes. After taking it out, take off the transparent film (PET) and put it carefully. Set the UV transfer film aside, the UV transfer sticker printing is complete. This process can be done outdoors under natural light.
  2. Apply glue again on the crystal (glass) that has already transferred the image pattern, cover another piece of crystal (glass) on the glue, remove the air bubbles and put it under the mercury lamp again for 1-3 minutes to cure . After taking it out and placing it for dozens of minutes, it can be polished on the machine.
  3. If only one piece of crystal white embryo is used to make a crystal image, then the above process 2) “cover another piece of crystal (glass) on this glue” is changed to cover the glue with the PET film peeled off in process 1) , Use a rubber scraper to scrape the glue under the UV printing film evenly and peel off the PET film after exposure. However, the shadowless UV glue applied in this process should have high hardness after curing, water resistance, solvent resistance, and good scratch resistance, and the shadowless glue in process 1) cannot be used. The general UV printer operation procedure is: apply glue to the crystal (glass) white embryo — spread the UV print film that has printed the image with an digital UV transferring printer on the glue — use a rubber scraper to disperse the glue under the printing film to make it evenly covered with pictures and texts while exhausting air bubbles — place it under a 250-watt ordinary mercury UV lamp for light curing for 1-2 minutes and then take it out — use scissors to stick to the edge of the UV crystal embryo and cut off the film outside the embryo — Peel off the PET film carefully and completely by hand from the place just cut — repair the flash with a blade — apply glue to the crystal pattern — cover another piece of glass (crystal) — light 1- 4 minutes — place to cool for dozens of minutes — grinding and polishing.


The application of digital UV transfer printers in some materials

The transfer of digital graphics and texts on mirrors, ceramic tiles, wood, stainless steel, aluminum sheets, acrylics, and other materials, except for acrylics, which need to use special UV glue for transfer printing, and other operations are the same as the above crystal digital graphic transfer printing.


application of digital UV transfer printing
  1. This UV print transfer product is a solvent-free and environmentally friendly one-component transparent and shadowless adhesivemachine, which can be quickly cured into a film under the irradiation of an ultraviolet light source.
  2. This UV flatbed printer has good waterproof and solvent resistance.
  3. This UV printing machine has good wear resistance, high hardness and good scratch resistance.
  4. This flatbed UV DTF printer has very low requirements on the light source, and can be cured under ordinary outdoor natural light.


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